I have been SO remiss

I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry that I didn’t give you enough attention to inform you….




And yeah, it’s been a month, but I’m still floating on a beautiful blue cloud of happiness and love for my husband that makes the rest of life (even a really boring job) so much more sweet and enjoyable.


I started to carve a carrot into a teddy bear today. That’s what my life is like.


So news

I’m engaged 🙂 Have been for… almost a week now.


I want to say that eventually I’ll revisit those stories that I wrote and write some new ones. I’m going to try to focus on the really short stuff– one pagers. And I’m going to illustrate them. And I’m going to post them one at a time on Facebook so people will actually read them. I will do that eventually. It’ll probably be my next biggish sort of projects, now that I finished that collection. I will do it. Eventually.

So… yeah…

Well, I posted a note on Facebook about having completed some short stories. It got five “Likes.”


To be fair, I don’t know if I’d take the time to read stories my Facebook acquaintances wrote either.


I suppose all that means is that if I want people to read my stuff, I’m going to have to try harder. I’m sure there are lots of online communities where one can share their work. I already know of the Writer’s Workshop on campus. There are ways. It’s just a matter of getting myself to do something about it.

Almost done!

I am one story away from printing a collection of stories that I wrote called Dreams of Glass. I’m really excited. The advantage of working at a print shop is that I can bind it myself and add some fun things in there like have some pages printed on parchment or fiber paper.


I’ve been planning on creating a book like this for months, since last may after I went to a Power of Choice seminar. It’s nice to finally feel like I’m almost ready.


I’m imagining a sort of Darwinian approach to my writing. I’ll keep putting out collections of stories every once in a while. The good stories will survive to the next edition, some will need evolve to make it to the next edition, some will die, and new ones will be born. The idea is that after several editions, I will have a core collection of good and refined stories. By that time, they may also have accumulated some illustrations.  In the meanwhile, I can find out what people respond to.



A few days ago, I was invited by a friend to submit my artwork to an online magazine that she was writing for (created by her English Major friends) called Blithe and Bonnie. So I did. I’m thinking about having a look at their first issue when it comes out in three days.


My accidental resolution

Hehe. I almost want to create a Facebook Meme: “January 8th, today I made a new years resolution not to procrastinate.”


Well, it’s been a while. Usually at the turn of the year, I like to look back on the past year and then forward to the new. But this New Years I was actually occupied with things that were more significant than reflection and resolution.


With the help of a dear friend, I accidentally created a sort of resolution. You remember last May I determined that I would share my writing with people. Well, that hasn’t happened. Some of the writing happened, just not the sharing. I want to write a little more before I move into the sharing part of this venture. Problem is, I’ve started over half a dozen short fictions. If I’m going to get anywhere, I have to get myself to finish. My friend asked me what a good due date would be and how he could encourage me to keep it. So I’m going to try to finish a story each month.


I figured that if I could write a story about every month for my creative writing class last year, I could do it now– even though I’m busier. Especially if I commit to stories I’ve already started.


Now the question is when have I written enough, and when can I convince myself to actually put it out there for people to read?


Not that I think anyone will. Not really. Maybe a few devoted family members and friends. I’ll make an announcement on Facebook that I’ll have stories available for download on this blog, but I doubt any will explore. I’ve tried to get them here before via Facebook. It doesn’t work.


I don’t know how to nag people to read my stuff. It’s different with art. People can just look at art. Reading requires commitment.


Writers must be crazy. Artists must be crazy. I don’t consider myself a writer or an artist– I just like to write and art. That’s rather comforting. Still, I have my delusions of grandeur just like any of them. I haven’t decided whether to try to keep them alive or not. But they grow like weeds, so I doubt I could kill them even if I wanted.

Still going

So maybe I should make an effort to keep this up to date. Things are happening in my life after all.


The most recent development is that I heard from the graphic designer who was assigned my story to prep it for publication in Outlet. She asked if we could meet up to talk about my writing and what inspires me and such so she can create a better design for my story.

The prospect of talking about my writing is kind of exciting. I think I like talking about the creation of the story better than the story itself. I’m still waiting to hear back from her, but it could be cool.

I’m thinking… maybe I should give more credit to myself for the things I do and accomplish.


I framed and matted a print of “Finding Place” for my friends. It looks much nicer in a frame.


I wonder if there’s any potential for… earning something from my creative efforts. I don’t have a business bend. Perhaps I could develop one if I had enough confidence in my talents. I think other people believe in me more than I do, and I can’t figure out which of us is more biased.


Life is weird.

Hello again!

I suppose this post is a bit overdue. Things have been happening.


First of all, I have a job now. That means I can be independent. I’m profoundly grateful for this.

Secondly, one of my short stories, “Cold Hot Chocolate,”  is going to be published in the school literary journal, Outlet. The issue will be released in December.


It’s so strange that life is happening like this. I wish I understood why things are going so well.


I’ll have more art to post soon.

Last Weekend

Still no job, though I have a few leads.


This weekend was significant. I attended a conference called Power of Choice with Outlook Development. It was a good experience. I met new friends and I feel like I can change things in my life with the tools I was given. Some I felt I already had a sense of and was implementing in my life, but others were new and helpful.


I realize for instance that I like writing, but my passion dies at the revision stage. Then I never share my work, because I think my work should be good before I share it. When I don’t share my work, I don’t feel unfulfilled with my writing. So what I’m going to do is to create a literary journal containing twelve short stories and assorted fiction fragments that I’ve written. I already have drafts of a few stories, so I’m on my way. Once I compile them, I’ll share them. If people suggest revisions, then I might be more likely to enjoy the revision process than if I was making myself try to find them. If not, the goal was not publication. I just want my work to be enjoyed. If they have no critiques, they probably enjoyed it.