My Roommate

I guess I really haven’t written very much this year, even though a lot is actually happening. For one thing, I’m rooming with a good friend of mine again. It’s so nice to have her back. She’s been in Thailand of late. She’s engaged to a really great guy. I was able to surprise her yesterday with this little creation. The tricky part was finding a silhouette where the guy wasn’t noticeably taller than the girl.



I’ve been working on something else for her too. More about that later.


She listened to one of the audiobooks I made last year, the Princess Bride spoof, and thought that I could really do something with… this. Like if I could start a Youtube channel and share it on Facebook and see what comes of it. It’s a nice thought, isn’t it? I’m rather dubious myself, but I like the encouragement anyway. It would be great if I could do something like that, where I would have complete autonomy over my work, and the creative freedom to pursue my own ends. It’s not like I’d do it for the money, the only problem is that I do need money. I’m sure that has been the plague for countless creative people now and in times past.


If I could know that I would be provided for, I would be able to try some of these things out. I mean, I’ll be writing and drawing and stuff anyway for the rest of my life. It would be nice to think all of that actually went into something.


We’re doing a poetry unit in my Creative Writing class. I don’t know if people realize how much is involved in poetry– meter, rhyme, alliteration, assonance, imagery, caesuras, and everything. We were supposed to write a poem that focussed on imagery. The criterium was to take a high, low, or turning point and base the poem off of that, describe and make meaningful a particular object, and to engage at least three of the five senses. Oh yeah, and it had to be at least twenty-five lines long.

It was hard.


I eventually created something. I don’t like it a whole lot, but there are a few aspects I appreciate. The “high point” I chose was creating “Masquerade,” which I consider to be my best work of last year. Here goes:


The Happiest Color

My colored pencils gave a fraction of

Their lives to the work. My Carmine Red bled

While my White sweated, and my True Blue shed

A tear or two in her labour of love.

Though the paper was still smooth to the touch,

The deep layers of color changed the flow

Of the grain. Of course, getting there was slow

Work, but seeing the color spread was such

A surreal experience, to think that

They could fashion something likes this.

A waxy scent accompanied the kiss

I gave it. Yes, I do that. Then I sat

Back to observe it one more time before

Sharing. Rarely am I completely won

Over by the art, but part of the fun

Is in improving. I had nothing more

To add, so I let my pencils a rest

Their dull and weary heads. I tucked them in

Their case, then quickly went online to win

The comments they earned from their best

Work of the year. A friend of mine even told

Me he’d buy a print! Sunburst Yellow beamed,

Blush Pink flushed faintly, and Apple Green seemed

Less sour when he knew his work would be sold.

But the happiest color, so they say,

Was Azure. There were many smiles that day.


Then in class today we were supposed to write another poem based on an aaa bob hard rhyme scheme. I might like that one a lot better.



The journal lay with edges worn,

Cover stained and pages torn

Upon the desk, lost and forlorn

The writer dead, the binding old,

Yet worth more than a pile of gold

The value in the stories told.

A New Semester Dawns

Again I say, as did they in Fiddler on the Roof, “And if our good fortunes never comes, here’s to whatever comes!”

I had a fantastic Spring Break, full of writing and movie nights and decent food by my standards. I’m ready to continue working on my own projects now as I try to balance them with the ones assigned to me in school. I dearly hope that the beginning of and adjustment to the new semester does not prove to be very stressful. I suppose we shall see in time. Wish me luck. I shall no doubt write more when I have more time.

Twiddling my thumbs

Today and tomorrow we’ll be working on White glove and stuff. Most of the work will have to be done tomorrow though, when our roommates are done going through.

So in the meantime, I get to sit here and twiddle my thumbs, trying not to mess the place up.


I have some news though. On Monday I was being interviewed to be a Gateway Seminar Facilitator. During the course of the interview it was decided that I would actually be a Coordinator. It felt right, so I was able to accept the call with confidence. It was only afterwards that I started freaking out. I get anxious when I’m given responsibilities like that. It sill feels right though, so I may hope that I am qualified for the work and that I can do a good job.


I’ve shared my thoughts about this past semester already. Now I’m looking ahead to Spring Semester. I hope all goes well and that I continue to get good grades. I’ll have greater responsibilities, what with being a Coordinator. On the plus side I’ll be rooming with one of my dear friends. It’s hard to tell how busy I will be as far as classes go. Then there’s the possibility I’ll actually be dating next semester. After that… who knows? It’s all a giant question mark, really. Still, one day at a time, I suppose.

Coming to a close

I like to reflect on my semesters as they come to a close. This one has certainly been an interesting. I had never really done consistent volunteer work, so becoming a Seminar Facilitator was something new for me. It was a good experience, though I admit to being relived when it was over. Not so relieved that I didn’t apply to do it again, however. It made life that much busier. Yet, considering how busy my semester was, I was surprisingly stable emotionally. As a result, I accomplished a lot. I feel good about how it went, although are still the usual anxieties– grades, finances, uncertain future and whatnot.


I have never looked so forward to Spring Break, probably because I know what I’m going to be doing. I’ve got a special project I’ve been meaning to work on for forever, a gift for my two best friends (outside of family, of course). Finally, I will have that chance.


Until then, it’s stretch and crunch time. I’ve been doing well all semester, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance to blow it all in these last few weeks. That’s the annoying thing about finals.


Ah yes, and then after Spring Break, a new semester begins. I’m fully expecting it to be at least as busy as this one. Wish me luck. Also, advise me on career choices for Humanities Majors who love to learn and to create.

Still loving life

Well my friends, I found out I’m not nearly so close to done with that big project that I had thought I was, and I wasn’t finished facilitating seminars either– I went in once more to substitute a final session. I’ll be doing some volunteer work for most of Saturday. I’m doing something new, face painting. I wonder how well that will go. Maybe I’ll have pictures.

Life looking to be a quite busy and a bit sleep deprived from now until finals, but for all that I’m still loving life. I owe a lot of it to my friends, the love they have shown me has had a bigger impact on me than they can ever imagine. I hope to have the same effect on others.

Next semester is going to be even more challenging. My two best friends are getting married to each other, I’ve got to prepare myself for an unknown future… who knows what kinds of projects I will involve myself with. There’s no way I could have anticipated what I did this semester, and it has been an interesting one. I made a bunch of homemade cards, I helped my roommates prepare for lessons and a wedding, I became a Seminar Facilitator, I developed some sort of story ideas… Life is so full. It’s hard, it’s exhausting, but I love it nonetheless.


Impending Future

I signed up for classes for next semester. I guess it didn’t hit me until then how close I was to being done. Quite frankly, the thought scared me. I’ve got to do a bit of research, see if I need to panic about finances… And then go on with life as usual. I still need to focus on this semester, particularly if I am in need of academic scholarships and stuff.


I did want you guys to know, however, that I have been working hard and I’ve been thinking about various creative projects around the edges. When I get time, I’m going to make a fantastic engagement gift for my best friends. It might be a while before I can work on that though. The next month or so is going to be pretty busy.

Midterms :)

Well, I’ve been busy the last few weeks. I’ve had a couple of midterm projects that were a bit stressful. I loved the assignments themselves, but the deadlines just ruin everything. One was an eight page analysis on some of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience. It was only after I turned it in that I realized what I actually did was more of a synthesis than an analysis. My teacher could see the disturbed expression on my face (can you blame me? A lot of my grade count on what I get on this paper) and there was silence for several moments before he said “I’m waiting for Azure’s mind to be put at ease.” I actually thought it was at ease, all things considered. I was confident in turning it in, because I didn’t procrastinate, and I worked long and hard on it, I even took it to the writing center to get some questions. I hope my grade will reflect the effort I put into it.


The other one was an assignment where I had to find 50 references to Greek and Roman culture in our modern culture, like the fact the several people in Harry Potter that are named after characters from Greek mythology. That was so fun, but a little bit strenuous since I didn’t have much time to do it after the other assignment.


It could have been a horrible experience, but it wasn’t because I didn’t procrastinate. As it was, it was merely a bit stressful, because I was still saying up until nearly midnight for several nights in a row so I could get everything done. Still, the universe seemed intent to reward me for my effort, because yesterday I got to watch the first episode of Season 3 of Sherlock. Such a good show, such a good episode. I love good entertainment. It makes me so happy, so much so that it’s kind of weird. I would love to be able to create good work like that. Maybe one day I will actually draw or write something that’s really awesome. If I could get close to that… that would be amazing.


Life is good. Busy, but good.


Things have been pretty busy lately. There’s schoolwork, of course, and then there’s being a Gateway Seminar Facilitator, but this week I’ve also been involved in a few unique project. On Sunday I helped a roommate prepare for her preschool lesson by coloring in pictures of fruit. It has been a long time since I’ve handled crayons. I tell you I was itching for my prismacolors. And then I stayed up until past midnight on Tuesday and Wednesday folding cootie-catchers for a different roommate, they’re to be her wedding favors. Thank goodness that’s over now. Staying up until past midnight when you have a 6:30 am class is not a good idea. That’s why I’m so tired now. Despite all of the other things going on in my life, however, I’ve managed to stay on top of my schoolwork fairly well, which I am incredibly grateful for. My grades mean a lot to me, and I think I did well on the tests that I’ve taken this week. I think you receive blessings like that when you take opportunities to help out other people. It seems backwards, but somehow it works.


As for facilitating seminars, I did that again this week and it went pretty well. I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and my co-facilitator is great. I think I’m doing the right thing, and I hope that it is a blessing to other people.


I’ve met a lot of wonderful people in my life. People who have been great to me and for me, who have cared for me so much. They gave more than they received from me. That kinda blows me away, and it has made me want to help other people out and make a positive difference in their lives. The tricky part is finding out how. This week has just been great because those opportunities have almost literally fallen into my lap.


However… it doesn’t come without sacrifice. Like right now I’m really tired, but I have to go visiting teaching and complete an assignment or two before I pack it in tonight. Naps may be wonderful, but they’re not nearly so effective as a good night’s sleep.

Still here

This could be the longest time i’ve gone without blogging since I set it up. Well, I’m here in Rexburg, the chaos has died down for the most part, and my wonderful friend took my sister and I to see Frozen, which was quite enjoyable I must say. It made me want to draw, but I don’t think my schoolwork will allow me much free time.

And yet somehow that didn’t stop me from getting myself involved in a different project. I’m always assigning myself projects. Sometimes I even finish them, more more often they morph into something else. Still, this is one I really want to complete and have an impact. As always that is easier said than done. And in the meantime, I’m putting off homework to work on it. If I don’t let it distract me too much, I think I can stay on top of my classes and get good grades, but again it’s not looking like I’ll have very much free time.