Because somebody reminded me

Well… Hi. It’s been a while.

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m really happy today. Wonderful things have been happening lately, but those details are for my private journal.


So, it was brought to my attention that I’ve done some artwork I haven’t yet shared. I figured I better repent of that.


Entitled: Forever

This is an artwork I did on the occasion of my cousin’s wedding. She asked me to do something for her, so she could have it made into a puzzle. The idea was that instead of a guest book, she would have people sign the back of a puzzle piece (she’s so creative). She gave me a rough idea of what she wanted: A couple, a starry/planetary sky, a tree of life, and an iron rod (those of you who are familiar with The Book of Mormon will appreciate these last two items). I didn’t make the tree very Tree of Life-like. Trees are hard enough without pure white fruit included. Still, I thought it worked.


Tima's Forever


Entitled: Finding Place

This was a project I took on for myself. My friends Laura and Adin are expecting a baby. I had vaguely thought it would be great if they had a girl, because my artwork is rather feminine and good for little girls (who don’t see the weaknesses of the art as much as I do). Then I learned they were going to have a boy, so I thought I’d try to create something a little more appropriate for a little boy.

I don’t quite know how this image came about. I think somewhere in my mind was Calvin and Hobbes– the idea of a boy in a woodsy area. I tried doodling a few things. Eventually I incorporated reading, as both Laura and Adin enjoy reading. As for the tree-face… I think I’ve wanted to do something like that for a long time. Something like Treebeard meets The Great Deku Tree. He was older and crustier in my imagination, but he’s alright here. He’s a good tree.

I didn’t intend for the boy to wear a hat, but that ended up happening. Probably in memory of Adin giving me a similar looking hat. The dog is there because the image looked unbalanced, and that was the easiest way for me to fix it.


finding place


Okay, I’m thinking that’ll be it for now. I will say that it’s nice to have been able to do some artwork lately. I’m not sure what the next project will be. Again, sorry I’ve been gone a while.

Life is still lovely.

New Image: Monarch Gown

I almost forgot to post here. It’s been so long since I’ve done artwork, and I was more concerned with getting it on Facebook, where more people actually see it.





When I made created “Masquerade” I said that I wanted to depict costumes with significance and symbolism. Some time later, I realized that one of my characters would wear a butterfly themed dress– since butterflies symbolize transformation. The monarch butterfly is particularly visually striking and recognizable.


The hard copy looks better. I don’t have a scanner, only a camera.


It’s been a long time since I’ve done artwork. I don’t know what suddenly made me turn to it again. It could be the fact that I recently received commendation for my artwork.


Oh, and as far as life goes– still no job, but other than that, life is great.

From the attic

My family doesn’t actually have an attic. But I was looking through some of the stuff I left packed away in my old room. I discovered an artwork I’d done… three or four (possibly five) years ago, but never shared. I think I didn’t like it. Which is silly. It isn’t that bad.


Bedtime Stories



They’re supposed to look wrapped in a sunset. Mother and daughter, reading.

Both my parents read to me. Dad read bedtime stories, picture books– usually Dr. Seuss or Graeme Base. Mom read Howl’s Moving Castle to us– two chapters a day after school. My sisters and I have read to each other. Just yesterday, Lori and I traded off reading It’s a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison. We’ve listened to audiobooks together, and I’ve even made a few audiobooks and a podcast myself. There is value in reading aloud and sharing stories.

Homemade Christmas gift ideas

I’ve enjoyed giving homemade gifts since I was a kid. My gifts now are a lot more sophisticated than they were back then (beads on a measure of yarn, tied at the ends to create a necklace). I’m not into baubles, which makes a lot of craft books for homemade gifts not very helpful to me. I prefer gifts that entertain, and I work with a low budget. Some that I’ve made in recent years are as follows:

– Audiobooks using a program called Audacity, which can be downloaded for free. It’s extra fun if you stick in music and sound effects. (Here’s a picture of the four I made last year).


Homemade Audiobooks– Christmas Gift


– Comics. Now, mine are drawn, but I have siblings that have done sprite comics before. Those might be considered less daunting. All I really need is paper, sheet protectors, and a binder or folder

– Stories that I wrote. The easiest thing for me to do is write parodies or fairy tale retellings. I also created an amusing nonfiction piece for my roommate on the occasion of her engagement– to tell the story of her courtship through my eyes. It was fun, I stuck in lots of photos and clipart to give it a kind of scrapbook-y feel.




– Calendars with my artwork (photos can work too). I get them printed through an online store called Zazzle. I had a friend draw an illustration of me as a My Little Pony and send it to me in Desktop Wallpaper format, so there are more uses for artwork than calendars.

– Videos. Good for entertaining, informing, or recording.

Thats generally what I do. Other ideas that might work are: recipes, cookie mixes, letters of appreciation, candles, quilts, costumes, and cards. I make cards and valentines the way some people make Facebook memes, so they’re usually fun and funny.


Tangled Valentine


Or they can be sweet.


Father's Day


You can make baubles out of… well, just about anything with a little creativity, but my family usually uses beads or polymer clay.

There’s a lot of sewing projects you can do out of old T-shirts (some you don’t even need to sew, you just need a pair of scissors) that you can look up online.

Conversation jars would be simple enough to make, especially if you have the right sense of humor (personally, I think the concept of a conversation jar is a little appalling, like people aren’t capable of holding conversation without help, but it could be a nice… I don’t know, party game sort of activity).


Have other ideas? Leave a comment.

New Image: Tamara Lynn

Only  TWO DAYS to color this. That almost never happens. I wish I had more artwork like this.

This is inspired by the story of Tam Lin– where a girl saves a guy from the fairies by holding onto him while he goes through a series of animal transformations. I did a gender flip for this image, which I think works thematically. I could be wrong, but I think woman tend to be more changeable in moods and behaviors, and some guys are wonderful because they bear it patiently.



Everything was much wilder in the doodle. Color tends to tame things a bit. It looks almost serene, even though it was inspired by a lot of chaos. Tamara’s dress was actually easier to color than the background. There’s some nice, recognizable animal elements in there. When I finished, she actually reminded me of what an animal deity from a different culture might look like- especially with all the colors. That’s alright, I think she still looks cool.

I’m pleased with this image, perhaps in part because I finished it so quickly, so I never lost the hype I got from the concept, when I looked at the doodle thinking, “This could be so cool.” It would be great if most of my artwork was like this, and I could make a lot of beautiful artwork in a shorter amount of time.


Last time, with Shifter, I didn’t get a lot of response, except from my good friend who I emailed it to. I kind of hope I get more for this one. Not because I need the attention, but I like it, so I want other people to like it.


I wonder what great thing I’ll do next?

Entitled: Shifter


It’s been a while since I’ve down an abstract image.


This is based off a concept for a story I can’t seem to realize. Her name is Artica. She’s an ice titan. One day, she hunted a wolf on her sister’s territory. Said sister called it poaching, and punished her by sealing her into the wolf’s skin (think selkie coat), transforming her into a wolf for the night. The enchantment is fueled by moonlight, so the spell dissolves with the coming of day. Then Artica can work her way out of the wolfskin, then carry it around in case she ever wants to transform into a wolf again.

The trees are reminiscent of a kind I saw during my road trips in the west; my cousin tells me they are lodge-pole pines. I always thought they made an interesting image.


This is really the sort of thing that can only be accomplished with a loose concept and a lot of improvisation. Art takes risks. If it looks beautiful but chaotic… I guess that’s only fitting.


It is possible I’ll squeeze one more image out of myself before I go into another semester of school. It’s been lovely to work on something I can actually finish, unlike, for instance, my writing projects.

New Image: The Juggler


It was good to have this done. I needed a victory.


Anyway, this is Keydak. He has fey blood, so he’s lived for a long time. He says that the Fates only gave him extra time and energy so that he could spend it for others. His favorite way to do that is to entertain. I rarely put buildings in my pictures, because I don’t like to work with perspective, but I think this turned out alright. It needed this kind of setting anyway. I think it’s charming.


It’s drawn more attention on Facebook than I would have anticipated. I got another one of those “Children’s Book” comments. I’m sure it makes perfect sense in their mind. I mean, here I have a character. He’s not just some person that I draw, I’ve given him a personality which I tell my Facebook audience so that they can find meaning in the picture. He’s illustrated, which accounts for the association with children, but my stories aren’t really children’s picture book stories. I wonder why nobody has ever said Graphic Novel.


Anyway, this is for all of you entertainers, you people who make me laugh and thrill me with wit and creativity.

New Image: Pact

I should have posted this days ago. I finished it days ago. Here’s what I said about it on Facebook:

This is my late Talk Like a Pirate Day tribute. There might be a better version of this coming when I stop being mad at the scanner. These are two characters my sister and I created when we were kids, Avion and Tara. Avion was the former captain of the Sea Stallion, but (due to circumstances yet to be determined) has become a ghost (I tried to make him slightly transparent in the image) who must haunt the new captain of his ship– which happens to be Tara.

I developed a fondness for pirates when I was seven, after watching Pirates of Penzance. I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but I loved it. The Pirate King had a place in my heart long before Jack Sparrow. Then just throw Muppet Treasure Island into the mix, and my view of the lot has been completely… theatricized. That’s how I like it.

I am almost satisfied with how this picture turned out.



It’s got a different sort of feel to it. I think it’s the pallet that does it. And the sky, perhaps. It’s a boring sky. A pale sky. And yet, that’s what I was trying to go for. All in all, I think it works, I just think it would work better if I had other stuff going on. But never mind. I think it was worth producing.


Other news: I got my rejection letter for my Creative Writing final project. I never wanted to submit the thing in the first place, so I’m not broken by the rejection.

Moreover, I’ve started yet another writing project. This time, however, I have a good friend eager to see my progress, so I might possibly keep up with it until the finish. In the meantime, I’m also cutting fabric squares for a service project that my church is doing in collaboration with other churches. I’m glad I get to feel useful and apart of something bigger than myself and my own creations.

New Image: Discovered

Well, I finished this yesterday and not long after I got it up on Facebook, our electricity went out along with our internet. This also meant we had sandwiches for dinner. Yay.


I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out. I certainly didn’t expect something this good for my first project in three quarters of a year. I wonder what projects I’ll start working on next.



I’m not feeling well today. There’s been a cold going around in my family, and my head feels really hot and heavy, which makes life a bit more boring. Still, I hope to do something useful.


In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the artwork. One of the reasons why I do artwork is because I hope that it does something to brighten somebody’s day. Maybe next artwork, I’ll have more to say about the story behind the image.

At last, a noteworthy complement

It’s not that it’s arrogance or anything, but sometimes people’s compliments on your work all seem to blur together and you begin to wish for an outstanding comment, something helpful or specific. Facebook is terrible for this, because it’s so easy for people to just ‘like’ it. But today I comment for the 2013 compilation art– “Expressive eyes.” Now see, there’s something I can work with and will remember for the future. Eyes can be a very important part of expression emotion and character, and I knew that but having someone else point it out makes it all seem more real.