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The cliffs of insanity

Well, last night was a little crazy. I was getting ready for White Glove along with all my other roommates, then around 10:00 we decided to take a break. That’s when I lost all rational thinking. We watched Korean music videos, we got a visitor from the guy’s apartments (apparently, they had their White Glove on Thurseday, so the poor guy was bored to death), one of my roommates lent me her ipad and introduced me to a game called ‘Fruit Ninja,’ and I kept falling into giggle fits. Then I found out that my original plans for getting home weren’t going to fall through, but my roommates all kinda rushed to the scene and helped me arrange for a shuttle and everything, so it was all good in the end and I shouldn’t have to worry about that (except for taking care of a few loose ends today).

But I was still in giggle fits. And I was having just the funnest time destroying fruit on ‘Fruit Ninja,’ while my roommates watched other fun YouTube videos. Then around midnight I remembered that I was supposed to clean the oven as part of our White Gloves. And the guy who was visiting said that he could lend a hand. But he ended up doing all of it! He even went back to his apartment for more supplies! And in There are wonderful poeple in this world.

And then when he left… I was so tired. Hyped up, but so tired. There was one point were I choked on a glass of water as I was laughing so hard there were tears in my eyes. Choking, laughing, crying. This, my friends, is why one should always get to bed at a good time every night. You can feel all of your dignity slipping through your fingers, and you grow increasingly content in slicing virtual pomegranits in half.

The top of it all is that despite getting to bed past midnight, I woke up at 6:30 like I usually do (mark you, I don’t ever get up at 6:30, I usually sleep for another hour or two before I get ready for the day).



Books are wonderful, the trick is finding the right ones and being in the right mood. There’s also a matter of timing. Every once in a while back home, I would get ‘cravings’ for certain books about an hour before I would be going to bed. Well, I come from a family of fast readers, but I am not so fast as to finish an entire book in that hour. So then I either stay up late, or I have to stop in the middle of what I’m reading- which can be irritating. Usually it’s a matter of, “I’ll just read to the end of a chapter…  I’ll just read another chapter… oops, I had meant to finish after that last chapter.”

Of course reading- like so many other things, is a lot more difficult for me to get into when I’m in school. I like starting a book when I am aware of how much homework I have to do, and if I do manage to start it and I’m getting really into it- then I don’t like to stop in the middle in order to do homework. It’s that timing thing again.

But it’s at the end of the semester, and yesterday I was tired of doing nothing- so I downloaded Anne of Green Gables (which I watched for the first time last semester) onto my kindle and started reading that. After a slow start, I got really into it. But my timing is once again terrible. I started quite a few hours before bedtime, but still only got about halfway through. I had to take a break to do some quick things in preparation for the exam I’m going to take today (last one, Religeon. Should be easy). The problem is that as much as I would love to read, today I’m going to be cleaning with Jasmine for White Glove. Anne of Green Gables will have to wait.

But at least I managed to get to the part where Anne breaks a slate over Gilbert’s head, and that’s the important thing 🙂

The cost of art

My primary medium is colored pencils. I grew up with colored pencils because, well- because I have five siblings and we all tend to make a mess of things, just imagine what the house would be like if were were exposed to pastal, charcol, or paint in our early lives.

Of course these days I don’t just use any colored pencils, I use… Prismacolors. The kind of colored pencils professionals use (though I don’t claim to be professional by any stretch of the imagnination). The point is that the colors are really bold, much better than crayola colored pencils. I remember when I was a junior and went to an OHC Arts competition. My colored pencils (back then I just had crayola) were put next to paintings. It was a sad, sorry sight- mine were so much blander next to the paint. But now, with Prismacolors, you could actually mistake my work for paintings (I’m pretty sure it’s been done before)

Here’s the thing, Prismacolors are not as cheap as normal colored pencils. Today I went to the BYU-I Bookstore to get some Indigo Blue for my sister (also a colored pencil artist. I supplied her with her first set of Prismacolors for Christmas), and then while I was at it I figured I could restock on a few pencils I was low on. So I come home and say to my roommate “Look what I’ve got.” Seven new colored pencils. “That was nearly ten dollars,” I explained.

This statement tends to take people off gaurd. It’s about a dollar and a half per pencil. The fun thing is when you order pencils on line- then you have to pay shipping as well. That’s why I always figured that even if I got really good at art, it’s not likely to become more than an expensive hobby. But it’s a lot more worthwhile and satisfying than a lot of other things I could be doing with my time and money.


Beautiful things

Yesterday I went to The Gardens. I am nearly done with finals, and I decided that I didn’t want to stay in my room on my laptop any longer. One of the things I have to fight against is the urge to stay where I am and just play around on my laptop, and not get anything done. I think it’s a problem a lot of people suffer from.

So I went to the Gardens with my kindle and found a quiet place where I could read. As I was reading I heard a flute, or some such instrument, playing the Shire theme. It was a nice thing to hear. Some people in the world are just awesome.

I also brought my camera, because I discovered about a month ago that if you go to the gardens as the sun is going down, it looks quite lovely when the sprinklers turn on. Actually, one of the things that bothered me when I first came to Idaho last year, that the grass wouldn’t stay green without the aid of sprinklers. But the sprinklers themselves are beautiful, espeically with the sun shining on them. Makes it look like a magical place, rather than a University. So get off your laptop and find beautiful things!



It begins….

Well, this is my first blog! I’m kinda excited to see how this is going to turn out, and where I’m going to go with this. It’s just that sometimes one needs a better outlet for one’s thoughts and creative expressions than Facebook. There are two main ways I express thought and creativity; journaling and art.

I love journalling, and I can go on and on about why. I believe that journalling is more than talking about the day’s events. I think that if you approach it that way, your in for a boring journal. At least mine would be. Today’s entry would go something like this:

 July 17, 2012- I didn’t have to go to Shakespeare class today. The class is basically over, we just have to take the final (which I also did later today and got a 93%). So during that time I did religion homework, went to religeon class, and then to my Homer to Tolkien class where we discussed The Odyssey.

I mean… so… short. And it doesn’t really say anything. Except to you, now you know that I’m a student (Brigham Young University in Idaho, or BYU-I, formally Rick’s Collage) and a few of the classes that I take. No, real journalling is for expressing ideas, working out problems, and suchlike. For instance, in reference to my Shakespeare class, I would probably talk about how I love Shakespeare class, but the problem with studying Shakespeare is when the professor has it fixed in his mind exactly what the theme of a particular play is. And then he frames all the homework questions around his ideas, so that we can find evidence to support his opinion. And I’m not saying that he is wrong, or that his ideas have no credibility. But I would prefer if we were just pushed in the right direction, so that we can come to our own conclusions and support them with our own evidence. Of course this would make the class more challenging, but in all honesty, it can do with a bit more challenge. Sometimes pleasing the teacher, even if you can’t do it wholeheartedly, is too easy.

And then there’s art. When people ask what my talents and hobbies are, that’s what comes first to mind- even though I realize that I am quite the amatuer. I haven’t done much artwork lately, since I’ve been at University in Idaho. It keeps me busy. BYU-I runs on a three-track system, in which each student is assigned to two out of three semesters. Since the semsters are so short, the work load has to increase. However, it means that we get a very long break (unless we chose to go to school on our off-track, but I don’t have the finance to do that). And I intend to use that break to become reaquainted with my colored pencils and see if we’re still on good terms. It’s finals week right now, and I should be back home in Ohio early Tuesday morning.

But I suppose I should tell you a little bit about myself if you’re going to be reading this. My name is Azure (it means sky-blue, but hopefully you are educated enough to know that). I’m currently 19 years old, but will be 20 in August on the 19th. As I mentioned, I’m a student at BYU-I for about 7 months of the year. I’ll be finishing up my second year very shortly. I’m a Humanities Major (deals with the Fine Arts, also with history, philosophy and the like), with clusters in Literature. For the other 5 months of the year, I’m home in a small town in Ohio- the second oldest of six siblings (though my older brother is in California, serving a mission for our church now). Now that’s just a quick look at myself, I’m sure I’ll write more later. I’m actually fighting against the urge to continue writing- but I don’t want this to be too long (even though I have a tendency to write for ours when I’m left to my own devices).