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Sunrise, Sunset

I have just discovered another reason why I like sunsets better than sunrises. The obvious reason is that you have to be awake to see sunrises, and that’s much easier to do with sunsets. But what I discovered today was that sunsets are easier for me to photograph. Where I live, there’s too much stuff in the way over in the east to get a decent picture. In the west, I just need to walk down the bike trail for a little bit, and I can get a clear shot. But there was a lovely sky this morning so…



Anyhow, still not really in the mood for art, but that’s okay, because I’ve got a few other comissions. One sister wants me to write out a comedy skit for us to perform on Thanksgiving, the other thinks I should work more on my comic. So… all I have to do is be funny. Some people are really good at that. And they should savor that talent, because it’s really very useful in life.

Wish me luck on today’s endeavors.

Polymer Clay

Well, I got to work with some polymer clay today. It was a lot of fun. Just shaping it. Unfortunatly, I felt a little rushed at the end, Lissa had already completed qutie a few sculptures and was waitng on me. Otherwise I would have spent more time getting it right. As it is, I enjoyed working with the clay, but it’s another oe of those things that looks like it won’t become anything more than an expensive hobby. Well, maybe not that expensive. But still. I wish I spent more time on my figurine.

Still, life is good. I am so glad it is the weekend.

Oh yeah

The good news is that I found the baking dish we used to use for polymer clay. However, I have to wait until my siblings are avalailable so they can make stuff too. So yesterday I satisfied my urge to create something more three dimentional by creating this lovely lady. I figure she’s an old wise-woman, or white witch or something. She was created with a wooden bead, lace fringe, and stuffing. I think I’ll call her Helgatha or something awful like that. A combination of Helga and Agatha.

Oh yeah, I finished my Repunzel Unleashed image a while ago. It’s nothing special, so I’m not going to put it in my gallary unless I get some protests. But here’s the image anyway. It was a lot cooler as a doodle, but I still like how the eye turned out here. It was fun to do that.

Anyway, enjoy this while I try to come up with something to work on, not only for this weekend, but for next week’s long weekend as well.

Urge to sculpt

Suddenly, I really, really want to take a lump of clay and play around with it to see what I can create. When we were young, we used to make things out of polymer clay. They were good times. But that was when we were kids. I haven’t done anything with polymer clay since…. maybe four or five years ago, when I made a clay tiger for a Secret Sister gift for girl’s camp. I was sooooo tempted to keep that tiger, it was just too cute.

My younger sister has some polymer clay, I believe. But of course now we don’t know where all of our polymer clay supplies ended up- the baking dish and whatnot. Now I wish we could find it so that I can satsify this urge.

We did a bit of ceramics when I was in high school, but I never was good at turning pots or making clay containers. I wasn’t good at sculptures either. Except that I did create a little dragon that I really liked. But it dissapeared from the shelf one day. So either it flew away or possibly it fell victem to a kleptomaniac. So… between L. G. (Little Guy, what I named my dragon) and the clay tiger I gave away, I never got to keep my best sculptures. It’s sad, now that I think of it.

I think part of the reason why I’m craving clay is because of the doodle I did yesterday. I mentioned I might make it into a full-sized image, but I think it would make a better sculpture. Since I don’t have the supplies for sculpture works, I’ll just have to come up with another image to work on. What I posted yesterday was okay for a quick project. And it was kinda fun to do a winter picture, which I’ve always thought I should try to do (especially considering these images are for a calendar). But now I need to move on and come up with something else.



New Image: Winter World

Okay, so it’s not the most wonderful title, but oh well. Here is my next image which I finished this morning.

no images were found

Well, I finished it, felt pretty good about myself, but not enough to keep from feeling guilty if I indulged myself to much from my success.It was, after all, my first time doing ice, and I have been wanting to figure out how to do a good winter picture for quite some time now. Pluse, with all the white, it was a more unique pallette than most of my other images. I did keep checking Facebook to see if anyone resonded to the post. No. Of course not.

But that’s not important anyway. I did a doodle that may become my next image. It’s a bit like my image Reaching, but more encompasing, instead of only flowing from the waist downward and such. It’s a bit hard to explain with that kind of style. As always, it seems, that doodle was much easier than creating the actual image and I’m having a hard time convincing myself to do it. Hopefully I can keep at it though.



Never mind

Okay, so there I was yesterday, laying on my bed and taking a break, when my wonderful sister comes home with the next Heros of Olympus book; The Son of Neptune. My glasses are off, but I take a glance at the cover. I see a vision of ice cliff walls. My head is back in my pillow, but I am invisioning a new materpeice. One with large ice cliff walls.

So I put Once Upon a Time is one hold and started on the new masterpiece.

The only problem is making it a masterpiece. I don’t actually know how to do really convincing ice cliffs. In fact, my efforts so far have only managed to prove that I can’t do anything intended to look formidible.  I keep adding sunsets and bathing everything in pink. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, but let it be known that it looked very good in my mind. At the very least I can say that it’s a bit different than anything I’ve done before. Ice is something new.

It never ceases to amaze me how many things there are that I have not done yet. I have a long way to go.

Once upon a time, once again

Okay, I started up a new Once Upon a Time image. It’s hard to preserve the energy it had in the original, especially since I already tried to do it. But I am working on it, I’m coloring, so at least I have a current project. Just something fun, hopefully. I wonder if I have any really good images left in me. Last year, it seemed like the inspiration just flowed through. Then a couple months before I had to leave again, it all stopped. All I could do was cover pages and pages with doodles. Eventually, I did come up with two more images- including one that is still my favorite (Lost in a Dream). But for the most part, I felt blocked.

Sunset Tara Lost in a Dream

My hope is that even if I don’t come up with anymore masterpeices, I can still come up with a few good images. But who knows, I might be surprised like I was last year.

I’ll probably be signing up for classes tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading aloud to my siblings, and this week I get to have my sister back from the play. I’m super excited for thanksgiving next week, where school will also release it’s claws from my siblings. It’ll  be harder to get work done certainly, and it probably means my laptop is going to be borrowed a lot, but it’ll be fun. Life is about family.

Quick check-in

I watched the play last night, and now that it’s over, it can stop stealing my sister away from us.

In the meantime, I’m still struggling with my art, but I’m trying not to get worked up about it. I’m sure everyone has their off-days. It would be great if I had lots of creative outlets. I would prefer to be the sort of person who has too much to do, and not enough time in the day to do all of it, than being stuck in a rut with artist block.

But I also get to read aloud to my siblings, which is great. Again, I whole-heartedly approve of stories being read aloud, whether by family member, librarian, teacher, or voice recording on a book on C.D. I’m pretty sure I would gladly recommend my services as a reader at any time, as long as it’s a book I like.

I’ve got less than two months until I go back to being a student. I won’t have a lot of time then, so I’d like to get done as much as I can before hand. We’ll see how well I do.


In which I muse about writing

Yes. I’m writing another post in the same day. You know, I get the feeling I’d write a lot less if I thought I actually had somebody listen to what I was thinking. It’s really not fair, when you have a lot of thoughts going around in your head and you don’t think anyone’s listening.

Well, I was skimming through some blog posts of a favored author, Patricia C Wrede. One of her post begins; “How did you know that you wanted to be a writer? I didn’t. I never, ever wanted to ‘be a writer.’ I wanted to write. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to get these blasted characters out of my head and nailed down on paper so I wouldn’t have to keep thinking about them.” This sentiment I can relate to. As for me, I don’t even know that I want to write neccisarily. I do it anyway to, like she said, get them out of my head. What I would really like to do is create stories. Not neccisarily to write them down, but to have them. I like stories. At least having those characters running around in my head keep  me entertained at night. Actually, it helps me sleep. But never have I quite reached the point of full-length story, or even short story with these characters. It is most frustrating.

What I would like is a small collection of shortstories that I have written that I can keep all to myself somewhere. Since nobody can expect me to be a good writer with little to no experience in the field, I don’t have to be worried about them being espeically well written. I just want to have them.

One of these days, I’m going to get this sort of thing figured out. Art, writing, and whatever other creative hobby strikes my fancy. Us dreamers like to come up with something concrete, you know? It will probably take time to figure things out. By then, I’ll probably be busy with grown-up stuff. Finishing school, raising a family, all that jazz. Which is why I’d like to get things figured out now.

Another day :)

So yesterday I was bound and determined to redue one of my backburner projects; Once Upon a Time. Then I threw up. A lot. So, I decided to take it easy yesterday. I even tried to convince myself to stay laying down by playing video games. It turns out, I’m really not that much of a video gamer. Some video games I like; the ones with story and character. But the ones that you can just pick up and drop… what’s the point? Well anyway, I gave up on that pretty quick.

But I was able to see my sister before she had to get ready for the play and I could read to my siblings some more. That was nice. Then after dinner my youngest sister and I set up that extra space I now have in my room full of comfies- blankets and pillows- so we could hang out there and watch online videos from my laptop. It was great, because usually there isn’t a big enough comfortable place for multiple people to watch things on my laptop (I have a small room). The best we had before was my bed, and that was awkward to work with. Especially because my laptop never felt safe on my bed with two or three siblings crowded around it. This way, it can rest on the table I have, and we can see it fine in the newly, cleared out corner. In my mind, I named it after Pooh Corner. Except that since my room is blue, it’s the Blue Corner. Which doesn’t sound really creative. Ah well.

Today I probably could work on Once Upon a Time, except that it’s so much harder to do work over the weekend. It’s been like that with homework too. Just something about having siblings around to distract you. Like today, I was reading a book to my youngest sister; The Knight in Rusty Armor by Robert Fisher. It’s a delightful little book. I think it’s one of those that every child should read at some point, or have read to them. Definately one I hope my kids read.

Oh I could have a list of books I think people should read. Dr. Suess and Greame Base books- that was what was read to me for bedtime stories. Dr. Suess has that charming way with words. And Greame Base’s books are so beautifully illustrated. It makes me happy. The Phantom Tollbooth is a must-read, like the Knight in the Rusty Armor. And then there are some of my favorites, The Prydain Chronicles, The Enchanted Forrest Chronicles, Howl’s Moving Castle, and the like. Oh it’s wonderful having so many books that you just want to share with people. It’s a matter of finding and being with people who can understand. For instance, I wonder how many people in the Xenia Ward Relief Society book club have read The Book of Three. It’d be a bit sad to me if few of them had. I went to one meeting. They were into dystopia books. I’m not into those. I tried another book that was suggested; Fablehaven. Couldn’t get through it. The fantasy setting was nice, but the main characters were aggrivating because they weren’t sensible. At least one of them wasn’t. Always got into trouble, and never seemed to learn from his mistakes. That last bit was the part that irritated me most.

So what if I were going to introduce a book that I think would be cool if everybody else read. “The Book of Three written by Lloyd Alexander. Some consider him to be in the same league as Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, and at the very least he is one of the top fantasy writers from the United States. The Prydain Chronicles are based in Welsh mythology. Fun characters, character development, adventure, humor, romance. No swearing, no PG-13 material. All in all, a good story.” Sounds wonderful to me.

But then, I always am eater to share my opinion on that sort of thing.

Back to the point at hand, I have enjoyed these past few days (passing over the part about me throwing up). I’m loving my new work space. I’m working on some backburner projects, so hopefully I can allow there to me more options in assembling a calandar. Later today, I’ll be seeing the high school’s play. I intend to enjoy myself. Life can be great every once in a while. Especially when you’re reading books aloud to your siblings. That was something I forgot to mention; The Knight in Rusty armer is a 74 page long book in good sized print, but it was actually one of the reading requirements in one of my Humanities class. I wanted to read it to my little sister since I finished reading it myself. So… I’ve been wanting to do this since May.

Life is so fun sometimes.