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Sold! (or given?)

Sometimes amazing and wonderful things happen.

Like when someone asks if you like to give away your artwork.

So here’s the story: my roommate’s friend and our fellow ward member comes to the apartment to practice a musical number, and she likes my artwork. So I give her one of my prints, and then she asks for permission to get a couple of other works printed up. It’s so wonderful that somebody values my artwork! It makes me want more than ever to produce lots more beautiful artwork.

I was actually thinking about my artwork yesterday before this incident. Well, in truth, I was thinking first about going home. The semester’s almost over, then I’m going to have a month long vacation with extended family and road-tripping and suchlike. That will leave me less time than usual for my artwork. But when I can, I intend to throw myself into that work- just like I’ve been throwing myself into schoolwork this past semester.

I was thinking about branching out a bit. Usually I do images that would be suitable for a calendar. This time I might want to do other things as well. I can do fan art for my Mom’s work, and- if I could actually manage to write a story- I could illustrate my own work. I would really love to create a couple of short-stories, and then have images to go along with them. And it might happen, who knows? I’m sure most of my images will be intended for another calendar, but I also want to apply my work in other directions.

Potential is so exciting.

Well enough

Sometimes I wonder at our culture. The very way we great each other is strange when you think of it. “How are you?” The funny thing is, for the most part we don’t really want to know any more than they want to tell us. “I’m fine.” That’s probably one of the most commonly told lies in the United States. However, it’s a nice little response that doesn’t require a lot of thought or time commitment. It’s habitual. I, being something of a more genuine soul, have made “I’m well” or “well enough” as my habitual response, because it fulfills the same role as “fine” or “good” and tends to me more accurate.


But sometimes people aren’t satisfied with that answer. “Just well, not good?”

I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of pressure to me to have to be “good” all the time instead of merely “well enough” every once in a while. I’ll have you know I’m very thankful for days when I’m doing “Well enough.” Particularly with Finals swiftly approaching.

Independence Day gadfly

Socrates once said he wanted to be a gadfly. In a way he was. He said things the way they were, which irritated people. Yet, it also brought them to awareness, so even though they didn’t like him, he was the one to ‘wake them up’ so to speak. Every once in a while I wish I could be a gadfly too. But I hate to stir up contention, and I despite my sometimes blunt manner, I’m really a people pleaser and hate to disturb one’s sensibilities.

However, I do have my moments where I hope I can make people a little more aware. Take today for instance: Independence Day. No doubt there is to be a flood of patriotic comments and attitudes on this day. People will wear their nationality proudly, and broadcast their love of their country from the rooftops, or at least on Facebook.

Now imagine that it is the political season.

For instance, during the political season Facebook becomes a veritable land mine. People are contentious and negative toward government, politicians, and other Americans. You would have thought we despised the very things we profess to celebrate on Independence Day.

I don’t know about you, but I find this inconsistency disturbing. I wish other people were aware of it. Then maybe they would behave differently, more honestly and thoughtfully.

Happy Independence Day everyone.

Also Happy 5th Anniversary of my little sister’s diagnosis. “Happy” because she’s doing well now, thanks to the grace of God.


Every once in a while I wonder what the hype is about youth. Maybe I just have an idealized view of those older years, but then after all, there are some things you can only really learn with time. No matter how mature and wise you are, there are certain levels you can only achieve with time and experience. I feel like that’s where I’m at. As a kid and teenager, I always felt pretty grown up for my age. I don’t think that has changed much since I’ve reached young adulthood, and still there are so many… kinks to be worked out. There’s still a naiveté and lack of emotional maturity, and quite honestly it frustrates me sometimes. As I get older I like to think I will have far more self control, self assurance, wisdom, and capacity to act and react the way I want to when faced with a given situation.

Is that truly idealized? I don’t mean to discredit the advantages of youth. I have no doubt I will only become more aware of them as I get older. On the other hand, I can remember some of the advantages of being a child which I no longer have as an adult, but I wouldn’t go back to childhood for the world. I’ve gone so far and accomplished so much.

Time is truly a blessing. It brings healing, experience, and sometimes answers. Or at least understanding, or the strength to accept. I feel like youths are too easily bruised by confusing times. And I sincerely hope to find it is not quite the same as we get older. Not so long as we make an effort to actually grow up.

Not that I want to speak against the concept of being ‘a child at heart.’ I think it a good idea, and I strive to nurture that child-at-heart. But there’s also an old lady in the back of my head just waiting to happen, and I take care of her as well. I can’t bear the thought of being kept in a Neverland, where one never grows up. Not me. I want to grow up too bad.