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A New Semester Dawns

Again I say, as did they in Fiddler on the Roof, “And if our good fortunes never comes, here’s to whatever comes!”

I had a fantastic Spring Break, full of writing and movie nights and decent food by my standards. I’m ready to continue working on my own projects now as I try to balance them with the ones assigned to me in school. I dearly hope that the beginning of and adjustment to the new semester does not prove to be very stressful. I suppose we shall see in time. Wish me luck. I shall no doubt write more when I have more time.

Twiddling my thumbs

Today and tomorrow we’ll be working on White glove and stuff. Most of the work will have to be done tomorrow though, when our roommates are done going through.

So in the meantime, I get to sit here and twiddle my thumbs, trying not to mess the place up.


I have some news though. On Monday I was being interviewed to be a Gateway Seminar Facilitator. During the course of the interview it was decided that I would actually be a Coordinator. It felt right, so I was able to accept the call with confidence. It was only afterwards that I started freaking out. I get anxious when I’m given responsibilities like that. It sill feels right though, so I may hope that I am qualified for the work and that I can do a good job.


I’ve shared my thoughts about this past semester already. Now I’m looking ahead to Spring Semester. I hope all goes well and that I continue to get good grades. I’ll have greater responsibilities, what with being a Coordinator. On the plus side I’ll be rooming with one of my dear friends. It’s hard to tell how busy I will be as far as classes go. Then there’s the possibility I’ll actually be dating next semester. After that… who knows? It’s all a giant question mark, really. Still, one day at a time, I suppose.


The worst of it is over. Except for White Glove, of course.

Here’s how I’ve been entertaining myself. Happy super-early Earth Day.