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Aaaaand she’s back!

As promised, I’ve started working on another artwork. I’m actually surprised by how well it’s going so far. Anyway, I’ve got a good start on it, and I’m excited to continue to make great, colorful works.


This one is currently untitled. It’s fairly simple in concept. It features two of my characters, Tison Feyking and Sandra the ice princess. They had an arranged marriage. Sandra is still accustoming herself to her new home in Tison’s kingdom. In the image, she’s found a secluded little pool in the forrest. She takes the opportunity to be herself again and takes off her slippers to stand on the water made solid beneath her feet. In the moment, Tison startles her by appearing suddenly from behind a tree. He gazes calmly at her, pleased that she has this moment for herself.


Now, typically at this point I would start to become uncomfortably aware that though it’s going well right now, there’s still plenty of chances for it to go wrong. However, this is the first artwork I’ve done for three quarters of a year. Pretty much anyway. So I’m going to resist feeling the pressure.

So, it’s been a while

I don’t like leaving a blog too long unposted.

It’ll still be about another two weeks before I’m home again in Ohio. A fair amount has happened between now and my last post.

As I recall, the last time I wrote it was to lament that my professor made us submit one of our works for publication as part of our final grade. Well, I did. I think I hated it more after sending it in. I am, nonetheless, not displeased with being forced into that experience. I think I’ll have a lot of fun when my rejection letter arrives. I’ve never gotten a rejection letter before. I think it’ll be quite amusing, since I had to have my arm twisted to submitting the silly thing anyway. Hopefully, I’ll also get my writing portfolio in the mail, so I get to read my teacher’s comments on the last of the works I turned in. It’s a painful sort of pleasure, reading the comments. I look forward to it.


I’ve been able to work somewhat on my projects during the summer, when my grandparents haven’t invited me to do other things– like seed collecting or weeding. You know, stuff I’m not accustomed to doing. I have been blessed, however, to attend some theatre performances. That’s the sort of thing I wish I could do more often.


My two dear friends marry today. I’ll get to see them next week, and I rather look forward to it. It’ll be the highlight of the whole vacation. Then I shall go home, wonder what to do with my life, and end up working more on those projects.


Do you know, I started another story recently. Yes, another one. It’s a wonder to me that I get anything done in my life at all. I start so many things that I never seem to get to the end of anything. But there are some things I am determined to finish. I have deadlines for these. Christmas. It’s the best deadline. I can make the project into a present, thereby giving the thing at least some sense of importance, and it works out well time-wise, since I have to go back to school shortly afterwards.

For a semester. Then I graduate.


For all of those who wonder what I’m going to do with my life after I graduate, let me tell you right now: I don’t know. I trust that will be clear to me someday, but it isn’t now. So please don’t ask.

I can’t tell you how much people drove me crazy when I graduated high school and they kept asking about my future. After a while, I wished they would ask me what I was doing in the present.

If you asked me what I was doing today, instead of worrying about a future that wasn’t happening yet, I’d say that I’m in the middle of a couple of writing projects that I hoped to mesh into a podcast project, and that I had some video projects going on and hoped to do some artwork after I got home to Ohio. Between now and then I hope to make a friend.


Also, I wonder about the world.