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New Image: The Juggler


It was good to have this done. I needed a victory.


Anyway, this is Keydak. He has fey blood, so he’s lived for a long time. He says that the Fates only gave him extra time and energy so that he could spend it for others. His favorite way to do that is to entertain. I rarely put buildings in my pictures, because I don’t like to work with perspective, but I think this turned out alright. It needed this kind of setting anyway. I think it’s charming.


It’s drawn more attention on Facebook than I would have anticipated. I got another one of those “Children’s Book” comments. I’m sure it makes perfect sense in their mind. I mean, here I have a character. He’s not just some person that I draw, I’ve given him a personality which I tell my Facebook audience so that they can find meaning in the picture. He’s illustrated, which accounts for the association with children, but my stories aren’t really children’s picture book stories. I wonder why nobody has ever said Graphic Novel.


Anyway, this is for all of you entertainers, you people who make me laugh and thrill me with wit and creativity.

New: Pinch of Salt– this is for you creative writers out there

At last! I’ve been really excited to make and share this podcast, the first in the Sharable series. In this series, I will share some excerpts from various creative writing projects, as well as talking about some things I’ve learned and experience. I hope this will be especially fun for those interested in creative writing and stories, but I think there’s value in learning about the creative process no matter what a person’s interests are.


Since this is my first time creating a podcast, I’d really appreciate feedback. What did you notice? What did you like? What didn’t work? Is there anything you’d like to hear more about in future installments? Share with me!


Thank you for supporting my creative efforts!


Pinch of Salt


Credits: Special thanks to and, where I got the music and sound effects.