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The goal

By the way, I think I should tell you that I’ve made it my goal to submit a short story to my school’s literary journal before I graduate.

This is a story I’m writing for my Advanced Creative Writing class. We’re to write three short stories this semester, and they all have to be “literary.” This means no fantasy or sci-fi and it means the work must “deal with the profundities of the human experience.” I never much cared for “literary” fiction myself, but it’s worked out pretty well so far. I think this could be one of the best short-stories I’ve produced– as far as craft and value– while still being fun. I’ve workshopped it with different people, and hearing them laugh is what gratifies me the most. Yesterday in a Writer’s Workshop, I was told that the ending was satisfying and that I paint well with words. O_O

I still have work to do, but I want to the story to be in it’s best form. Then I want to submit it for publication. I have to take this opportunity to submit undergrad work while I can. Wish me luck.

Happy 2015

I think I’m an old soul in a young body. No wonder I love life so much.


I’m once again in the swing of things. I’m finding opportunities to expand myself here in my school experience. It’s still difficult to consider post-graduation life when I have to work so hard just to keep up with my current workload. I have my dream calling, teaching Gospel Doctrine class every other week, and I’m writing a story for my Advanced Creative Writing class that I actually think is kind of good. I’m tired already, but I think I’ll be a better person because of this experience.

The tricky part is knowing where to spend my energy. Everything I want to do, I want to do well. Trouble is, there’s a lot I want to do. I want to be good at writing stories, good at my schoolwork, good at teaching. And so I shall be.