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Post-grad plans revised

Well, I didn’t get invited to receive training to be a seminary teacher.


So what now?

I explore, I suppose.


I’m going to find work wherever I can. I hope that I can set other goals too. Like, be more sociable and see what’s going on in the community and being involved with that. Just get out there so I can be exposed to different people and opportunities.


I’m grateful that I’ll see my grandparents and friends soon and that I live nearby my sisters. It’s also nice that I live close to campus, so I can pick up my portfolio from my creative writing teacher when he’s done grading them, and I can see campus performances.


Wish me luck.

Post-graduation life

So, you might be wondering what my plans are.


I’m kinda wondering what my plans are too.


I have some idea. I have housing and enough savings to keep me in Rexburg for a few months, even if I don’t find a job. But I intend to find a job, of course. There is still the possibility that I’ll be invited to do student teaching for Seminary. If that does’t work out, I’ll just find something else. I hope to do some creative writing in my free time. Tomorrow I’m going to submit three short stories to my school’s literary journal. This is my last chance to submit undergrad work– probably the only real chance I have to get published for a while.


As far as personal projects– I don’t know how much time or energy I’ll have for them, but I do have an idea for an artwork that I can do. Also, even if I don’t publish anything, I have this goal to write a collection of short stories for myself, which I can design and arrange and print out for myself. If those things start to bore me, I might move on to making more podcasts.


What else… um.


I guess… That’s mostly it now. I can’t see very far ahead. I’m not sure what I want for my future. I want to do good things though. I want to create good things. To what end, I’m not sure.