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Last Weekend

Still no job, though I have a few leads.


This weekend was significant. I attended a conference called Power of Choice with Outlook Development. It was a good experience. I met new friends and I feel like I can change things in my life with the tools I was given. Some I felt I already had a sense of and was implementing in my life, but others were new and helpful.


I realize for instance that I like writing, but my passion dies at the revision stage. Then I never share my work, because I think my work should be good before I share it. When I don’t share my work, I don’t feel unfulfilled with my writing. So what I’m going to do is to create a literary journal containing twelve short stories and assorted fiction fragments that I’ve written. I already have drafts of a few stories, so I’m on my way. Once I compile them, I’ll share them. If people suggest revisions, then I might be more likely to enjoy the revision process than if I was making myself try to find them. If not, the goal was not publication. I just want my work to be enjoyed. If they have no critiques, they probably enjoyed it.