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My accidental resolution

Hehe. I almost want to create a Facebook Meme: “January 8th, today I made a new years resolution not to procrastinate.”


Well, it’s been a while. Usually at the turn of the year, I like to look back on the past year and then forward to the new. But this New Years I was actually occupied with things that were more significant than reflection and resolution.


With the help of a dear friend, I accidentally created a sort of resolution. You remember last May I determined that I would share my writing with people. Well, that hasn’t happened. Some of the writing happened, just not the sharing. I want to write a little more before I move into the sharing part of this venture. Problem is, I’ve started over half a dozen short fictions. If I’m going to get anywhere, I have to get myself to finish. My friend asked me what a good due date would be and how he could encourage me to keep it. So I’m going to try to finish a story each month.


I figured that if I could write a story about every month for my creative writing class last year, I could do it now– even though I’m busier. Especially if I commit to stories I’ve already started.


Now the question is when have I written enough, and when can I convince myself to actually put it out there for people to read?


Not that I think anyone will. Not really. Maybe a few devoted family members and friends. I’ll make an announcement on Facebook that I’ll have stories available for download on this blog, but I doubt any will explore. I’ve tried to get them here before via Facebook. It doesn’t work.


I don’t know how to nag people to read my stuff. It’s different with art. People can just look at art. Reading requires commitment.


Writers must be crazy. Artists must be crazy. I don’t consider myself a writer or an artist– I just like to write and art. That’s rather comforting. Still, I have my delusions of grandeur just like any of them. I haven’t decided whether to try to keep them alive or not. But they grow like weeds, so I doubt I could kill them even if I wanted.