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This is what my days are like now

I moved to the same town as my fiancé, so we can get accustomed to being in a short-distance relationship before we get accustomed to the even short-distance relationship of marriage.

I figured getting a job shouldn’t be too hard; it’s a college town and a lot of students have moved out for the summer.


Here’s what my days are like now:

-I wake up with a slight sense of panic because I don’t have work to go to.

-I guilt myself into applying for a few more jobs online before I even shower and breakfast

-I don’t know what next to do as far as job-hunting, so I guilt myself into writing. I think this is because my mind considers writing the most comparable thing to having a job (there is still a part of me that would really like to make money from my creative efforts)

-It’s midday and I feel like I’ve done work but haven’t been productive

-I try to keep myself from going crazy by biking into town or reading my mom’s book (prepping to beta-read the sequel, almost feels productive) while waiting for my fiancé to visit

-My fiancé visits! Now I can enjoy myself without feeling guilty

-My fiancé leaves, and I try to write again before going to bed

-Sleep, repeat


I’m going to go crazy.