Further reasons we should be awesome

Well, I got my new laptop today. And once again witnessed others do a service for me.

I went with that Computer Science Major guy. He wanted to experience the joy of getting a new computer vicariously. Unfortunately for the poor guy, he didn’t witness me experiencing a lot of joy. Don’t get me wrong, I am really happy to have the new computer. But I wasn’t feeling well this morning, and then I started to feel really sick in the midst of buying the computer. I probably should have cancelled the trip, but I really wanted to have my computer today so that I could work on my schoolwork (that was the plan, currently I’m finding myself a little distracted). I ended up not being up for walking home. Thankfully, there was a parking lot nearby. So I sat on the curb while he went to get his car. While I waited, a guy from my HE group walked by and offered to keep me company.

Wasn’t it sweet? Isn’t it great that good people exist in this world? I was touched, really I was. Walking home would have been an excruciating experience. But now I have my laptop and I’m feeling better (still don’t want to do homework though). Isn’t it great to think that we can be of service to somebody else as well?

Remember what my week has been like; full of big assignments, a test that I didn’t have as much time to prepare for as I would like, my laptop becoming terminally ill, and then today feeling sick. And yet… I still consider it a great week. Partially because I’ve managed to say on top of things, but a lot of it is because of the great people who have helped me get through it, including the two guys I mentioned above, my roommate, my parents, and my sister (SISTERS ARE AWESOME). I thought this week was going to be a nightmare, but I think I can count more tender mercies in this past week than the rest of this month. Truly I am grateful.

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