“SPOILER ALERT: In The Importance of Being Earnest, Bunbury DIES!”


See, my literary friends might laugh at that.

Or maybe I just hope that they would laugh at it, because I’m feeling grumpy and I thought it was clever when I came up with it.


In The Importance of Being Earnest one of the characters (Algy) is a self proclaimed “Bunburiest.” Basically, he’s made up this invalid friend named “Mr. Bunbury” who suffers from poor health. Then whenever Algy needs an excuse to miss an appointment, he’ll say something like, “I’m terribly sorry, but my friend Mr. Bunbury has asked that I visit him, he is unwell you know.”

Sometimes I wonder if I too would be something of a Bunburiest if I weren’t such a strong advocate for honesty and integrity and all that.


Anyway, I mention all that because it amused me when I thought of it, and I feel in need of amusement right now. I’m so tired of not getting homework done until nearly midnight, you know? I’ve got a twenty minute presentation tomorrow which I’m not looking forward to. And I’ve just been grumpy and I don’t want to be. So I just want somebody to laugh at something I came up with. Call it a plea for attention.

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