At last!

Well, it finally finished. That long string of late nights and headaches? I think I finally have a bit of respite, and it feels great. I was really ready for a break, and I got it at last last night after I gave that burdensome twenty minute presentation. I still have things I need to do, some assignments that need to get finished, but… I feel like I can play a little bit and not feel really guilty.

It’s interesting, looking back on the past few weeks I’ve noticed that stress can manifest itself in a number of different emotional responses- I bet they vary from person to person, but for me the most common expressions are loneliness, envy, or homesickness.


But at any rate; life. Life is good. Right now I’m thinking about writing and stuff, because my sister’s sharing her story with me and I’m reading a book by James C. Christensen. I really wish I could write something. I suspect I will be able to one day complete some kind of creative writing work, but in the meantime I just struggle through some ideas. I’ll keep working at it. I think picture books may help with writing, as well as with my art, because they focus on simpler stories. And they’re shorter, so I can read a lot, and then have a big reservoir of ideas and influences. The thing is, it’s going to have to be the right kind of picture book in order for that idea to work, like the book that I’m reading now and the Lloyd Alexander picture books. Those were good.

I’m also wondering what sort of things I’ll produce with my art this year. It’s exciting to think about, though no doubt the whole thing will be far more arduous when I actually get started. But it will be good to be creating things. Right now I’m just allowing for influences and inspiration, which is fun in and of itself since it often involves being exposed to new ideas, and to looking more closely at things in life. Both are good things.


Honestly, everyone should be an artist in some way or form- though not everyone should be the kind who publish their work. But they should be engaged in creative activity. It’s what makes us human, it’s essential to the enrichment of our lives. It’s only beneficial. Failure is almost… impossible, since it is an exploration and an expression. I still think it’s more exploration than expression though.

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