What now?

It’s been so nice to have a bit of free time. It almost felt like vacation for a while there. But then… then I have to work on that take-home exam, and there’s an upcoming essay, and if I don’t get a quick start to that Children’s Lit assignment, I’ll have to go through another nightmarish week. Work that might be enjoyable at the beginning of a semester has become tedious. And yet there is a persisting feeling, the one that says “Life is good! Things are better than they were, and in a month or so it will all be done.” So what do I do now?

Well, I look forward to that vacation we get July 4th for one thing. It occurs to me I should be more patriotic on that day than I tend to me. I admit, when I think of something other than the day I get off school, I think about my little sister, who was diagnosed with Leukemia on a July 4th– I think in 2008.

As for the rest of it… I suppose I just take it one week at a time, like I always have. Just go about it as if the Saturday was something to look forward to, even though it only manages to be another day of work. And in the intervals, I will toy around with the ideas that float around in my head.

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