Latest image: May I Return

The story behind this image: Well, it was Spring Break- which is particularly trying for a collage student away from home, trying to amuse herself. I ended up watching Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have something to watch while I doodled. The first song was the inspiration for this image. “A crash of drums, a flash of light- my golden coat flew out of sight. The colors faded into darkness, I was left alone.” So I did a quick doodle and said, “Okay, she’s going to be beautiful and colorful- but there’s a storm and the colors are going to ‘fade into darkness.’ Well that’s all simple to say and do a preliminary sketch for, but I’m not especially good at visualizing what I want in a final image. I kinda make it up as I go along.

I’m fairly satisfied with how it turned out though. But I may make some changes to it yet. I posted the image on Facebook and asked people what they thought when they saw it. I want my images to provike a little more thought, some kind of response other than “It looks great.” Of course, I’m very appreciative of all the people who give these compliments, but they’re not particularly helpful to me. It’s difficult to describe. I listen do documentaries occassionally, listen to artists talk about how people have had emotional reactions to their paintings, and talked about how the art was meaningful to them. That’s the sort of thing I would like people to say about my artwork. I would like it to be meaningful somehow.

I suppose I could console myself with the thought that it’s meaningful to me. It’s inspired off of a song I rather enjoy, it made my Spring Break a little more productive, and it puts me in mind of wind and storms. I love wind and storms. Furthermore, I was able to use color in a way that was almost to my statisfaction, and I actually managed a half decent sky. But still, it almost seems like there’s litte point in my art if it… doesn’t effect people.

Sometimes I’m not really sure what I want to accomplish with my art. Whatever it is, I would like it to be more than satisfying a need to create.



2 thoughts on “Latest image: May I Return

  1. Alas, I’m not very good at the whole meaningful business. What I always seem to be looking for is story… and a good story pretty much can’t be meaningless or it wouldn’t be good, but for me “meaning” is somthing that devellops naturally out of good storytelling rather than something I put into stories on purpose so that I have it.

    But this picture is very evocative for me. Visually the brightness in a dark place thingy you’ve got going is awesome, and I love the expression of uncertainty/worry on her face. Sort of a “can I hang onto this light?” thingy. I hope she can… that’s an emotional reaction, right?

    • I try to get my images to involve ‘story’ one way or another (some more simple than others), and I like it when people have that kind of reaction. But either most people don’t get that far, or they don’t tell me when they do.

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