Sometimes I stare at my doodles

Sometimes after I finish doodling, I stare at my work and think about how awesome it is. Seriously. Or I will flip through my notebook… and then flip through it again because it was a good experience looking at all of those doodles.

My school notebook is interesting to look at. For one thing, I don’t segregate the subjects. So you will some spanish verb conjugations on the same page as some bullet points about Islamic art and archetecture.  Sometimes it doesn’t go in chronological order, because I’ll go back and fill out the margins with some quick jots. But the biggest thing is that I doodle more than I take notes. My notes, when I take them, tend to be scanty or sparse. The doodles, however, are important. I think they prove to be more useful than the notes I do take. After all, you can go back and reread textbooks and power-points, and major concepts aren’t usually that hard to remember. But inspiration needs to be worked and drawn out.

I think it’s fun sometimes when I remember the specific class I did a certain doodle in. I do use these doodles, they fuel and inspire my artwork. And I need inspiration. Sometimes the hardest part about art is knowing where to start, pick which idea you’re going to run with. You need to get ideas churning if you want to make progress. At this point, there’s not enough time to do much else except churn ideas and gather inspiration. Hence the doodles.

Also I doodle because it tends to be more interesting than the lecture, and I will get bored otherwise. Sometimes even when the lecture is good I can’t keep my hands still. It’s nice to think that the urge to draw is so engrained in me that way.

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