About this semester

Only a little over a week left of the semester. I like to review my semesters at about this point, and sort of… take stock.

First of all, this semester has got to have been my most sleep deprived. I’ve been tired and I’ve been busy. I worked hard, and I think I’m going to get good grades. So I suppose that satisfactory. But it also means I’m really ready to go home.

Once I’m home, or even while I’m on this road trip thing, I think I’ll be able to see a lot of good things about the semester that I can’t see now. For instance, I’ll be keeping some of my books from my Children’s Lit class- meaning I’ll have an additional two novels (three, including the kindle one which I don’t care that much about) and two to four picture books to add to my library. It’s finally been dawning on me that I need to build up a library, and that’s going to take work and time. As wonderful as the public library is, it really makes a difference having books in the home. Also, I intend to relish in the fact that I had a friend ask me if I would allow her to get some prints of my work. I hope that I’ve been accumulating some inspiration for new and beautiful artwork, so that I can keep having experiences like that. Furthermore, I really have had some good friends and good memories. I’ll appreciate them more when I am not so tired, and when I can share the fun stories with my siblings.

I’ve worked so hard this semester. And I intend to work hard when the semester is over, on my artwork. Let it be known I don’t intend to be lazy, but I want to produce some good work. I doubt I’ll ever make money. And if I do, it won’t be much. I imagine it’ll be like collecting tips, except that mine will be few and far between. Nevertheless, I would like to do things with my artwork, and I won’t be able to do that if I don’t work on it. As stated in a previous post, I hope to stretch a little bit- not only in working with different mediums, but applying them differently- like illustration.

I am really excited for the end of the semester. Not only will it give me a break from school, but it could be the beginning of a brand new adventure. Who knows.

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