Forget not to be patient with yourself

So… yesterday I watched T.V when I could have been preparing a lesson or doing homework. I’ve been trying not to feel guilty about that. I feel like it should be alright for me to take a break. Especially since I wouldn’t have felt guilty at all if it were a movie night with my roommates and I, as we have had many-a Saturday night. Besides, I actually did a bit of creative writing while I watched Monk. It was actually… probably one of the first stories I had ever come up with, but I had never put down on my computer. I finished that up today. And felt a little guilty because I could have been spending more time on that lesson.

I need to do something about this guilt complex.

During a General Relief Society Broadcast, the women were counseled to “forget not to be patient with yourself.” That’s one of those things that ought to be easy, but isn’t for me. I’ve got to talk myself into being patient with myself.

I will say that I am glad I was able to do some writing. I had intended to do it for a while, but kept shoving it aside so that I could do homework. It feels good to have done it, and to have it complete. I mean, it’s just a short little story, but it’s so rare for me to have written something and to have it complete.

I have only one more full week left of the semester. Let’s just hope that I can make it. I am so, so tired.

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