My tragic flaw

In a lot of tragedies, the main character– one who usually possesses a lot amiable qualities and has done some good accomplishments, is ultimately destroyed by a certain character flaw. Hence the tragedy, and hence the idea of a “tragic hero.” If ever I had a flaw, I think it would be pride.


I lately had an experience where I realized I wasn’t as humble as I had thought. To illustrate, I’ve been really tired and stressed out lately. This isn’t unusual– after all, it’s finals week. But I’ve been tired all semester, and I’m really beginning to wear out. My roommates can tell. They see it in my face, voice, walk… it’s just really obvious. One knew that I liked chocolate milk as a treat, I was told to make myself a cup of chocolate milk with her chocolate mix. I hesitated, because making myself that chocolate milk would be admitting that I was in great need of comfort at that time, and I didn’t want to seem like I was in need. Normally, I would accept the invitation readily and happily. I suppose that would be because I knew I didn’t need that comfort, so I wouldn’t be any worse off if it hadn’t been offered to me.


I don’t know how well that explanation worked for you, but it helped me work my way through a strange paradox– I am less likely to want to accept help at times when I need help more. It seems like such backwards thinking, and yet it makes sense. It’s wrong, of course, and it has consequences, just like all other flaws.


Certainly it will be something for me to think about and ponder.


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