This is the end

I think I can do this. I may even be able to get everything done before I thought I was going to, which would be lovely. It is, however, going to have that I have to keep working. It’ll be fairly intense, since I’m going to be handling a lot of my ultimate grade for Brit Lit within the next few days. But once it’s done… it’s done. It’s actually done. Well, I’ll also have one last religion assignment– but I’ll be essentially done. Then I’ll just have to pack and stuff. Basically, I’m hoping to have my Brit Lit class work done before Sunday, and then turned in on Monday- by which time I will also have completed my final religion assignment.

Then I go on a family road trip/ vacation thing.

I hope that goes well, because family-road-trip/vacation isn’t my idea of taking a break, and I really want a break. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have that opportunity.

Now, why should you be interested: well, because when I get home (which won’t be for a while) I’ll get to work on artwork. And then I’ll post it and you can enjoy it. I might want a DiviantArt account or something. Again, my hope is to expand myself a little bit. Also, I was hoping to work more efficiently, by cutting down time that would otherwise be used brainstorming and seeking inspiration. The idea is that I’ve been gaining visual inspiration as I’ve collected different desktop wallpapers, out of cool images or screenshots. That, I hope, will help me get ideas churning quicker, instead of needing to hunt down new images every time I start a new project.

This is going to be an adventure. Who knows? Maybe I can actually create something really good.

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