The problem with love triangles

Just a note of caution: I’m sorry if this sounds really opinionated when I don’t have a lot of credibility. I have no experience writing, I’m just expressing an opnion based off of what I read and have read.

I have this thing about love triangles. They can work- but you have to be really skilled in order to get them to work for me.  Usually the love trinagle is with two guys and one girl. So, being a girl myself, my first question is “Okay, what is it about her that gets her two guys when some of us are still trying to get one.” But then there is also the idea that in a love triangle, there is always somebody who loses. One of the guys will not get the girl. So what if she doesn’t get the guy you would have preferred to get? I always find it rather irking when that happens. It’s slightly less irritating when she does get the guy you’re chearing for. But that’s still tricky ground. I don’t want the triumph of getting the couple together ruined by having me pitying or sympathising with the loser. If we don’t like the loser, why on earth was the main character girl entertaining his affections? (Also, if she’s two-timing, I lose respect for the character). If the main character isn’t drawn to both of the guys, it not exactly a love triangle.

I suppose there are ways to do it right. But as I’ve said, it takes skill and I think it’s too easy for love triangles to be used as a cheap trick to create tension in a love story (that’s the part I thought might sound a bit opinionated when I have no credibility). I personally like there to be one guy, one guy I get to chear for and will end up with the girl in the end. If you want to keep me interested without using the ‘tension’ of a love triangle, then make the characters fun. I have a special fondness for witty banter. Whatever works in the given situation. My understanding is that the characters sort of work things out themselves. I wouldn’t know entirely, I don’t write. But when it comes to reading, there is much I prefer to  love triangles.

One thought on “The problem with love triangles

  1. Aaaaahhh, nooooo! I wrote a love-triangle!

    Although, I feel exactly the same way about love triangles you do, and I only ended up writing one by accident.

    But still, I wrote a love triangle, and love triangles are evil…
    ::Goes into a corner and whimpers::

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