Sometimes I wish I had a little more ambition, and could get caught up in delusions of granduer, since I figure people don’t accomplish much unless they have some sense of, “wouldn’t it be cool if…” Wouldn’t it be cool if what? I don’t know if I have a lot of plans regaurding my creative talents. I think at some point I may have said, “wouldn’t it be cool if someone besides a family member bought one of my calendars?” And then, wonder of wonders, somebody did. Somebody in Australia. My reaction was, “It’s May, why would they buy a calandar for 2012 in the middle of May?” But it’s not my place to question that sort of thing, and I’m the one who’s profiting by it. Two dollars for royalties. Wonderful, that might get me a week’s worth of laundry done when I go back to Rexburg.

Thankfully, I’ve been placed in a family that seems to have plenty of ambition for me. There are others too; friends and teacher’s and suchlike, but I’m always suspicious of people who I think overestimate my skill simply because they have nothing to compare it to. I mean, when people tell me that my work is good, and then tell me that they can’t do much more than stick figures, it get’s hard to trust their opinion, no? I wonder how I would take criticism. It might be refreashing. Or I might get sensitive. I don’t know myself well enough to figure which it will be. Of course, if I planned on doing something with my artowrk- I would have to take the criticism. But as of now, I have no plans except to create some more calendar images, make up a few new calendars with those images, and possibly doing some others to put on t-shirts or something, to flesh out my zazzle store (the thing with filling my zazzle store with calendars is that you have to make new ones every year). I guess I don’t score many points on ‘thinking big.’

I hope these posts don’t sound like downers. Sometimes when I write I get the feeling like I’m sounding really negative. Well if I do I don’t mean to.

Here’s a nice thought, a tip I just thought of for all up and coming artists (if you draw people). Start a comic. The plot and characters don’t matter, it’s just a way for you to practice drawing people in different positions and expressions. It’s excellent training.

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