Different kind of trouble

I haven’t been working like I had planned, but not because of emotional problems this time. Physical. I threw up yesterday, I was sill feeling slightly nauseous this morning when I took my sister to seminary and then to school. Whenever I feel like this, there’s always the question- do I push through it and keep working, or do I take the time to rest up and recover? It’s never easy for me, because usually I’m a ‘push through’ type. I take pride in that, but I don’t know if it’s… the right kind of pride. It could just be damaging me, because even when I decide it would be better to rest up, there might be a lingering feeling of guilt, like today.

I’ve decided it’s okay. I need to stop making an end of the world out of little things. Besides, in a sense this is my week. My brother comes back, my other brother has a birthday, and I have movie nights planned with my sister.

As for the emotional turmoil… like I said, I need to stop making an end of the world out of the little things. It’s bound to happen now and then, but hopefully I can learn to calm down and be happy with what I’m doing.

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