Revisiting Pool of Sight

It would be interesting to have five minutes of a specialized amnesia– where I forget about all the work I’ve done on an image, and what I had in mind when creating the image, and how I got the idea for the image. Then I could view my work only as a finished product, like the way everybody else sees it.



I say this because I’ve been thinking about this most recent work of mine, and a comment made on it. The term she used was ‘serenity.’ This of course was utterly fascinating to me, because it’s not at all what my response is. Of course it wouldn’t be, she doesn’t know the story behind it. To me, this image is filled with tension, rather than serenity. Right now, the Artist is being shown something amazing. It is a show of trust on the part of the fairy king. The artist, at this point, is completely worthy of all the trust the fairy king has shown. She has no malicious intentions, she’s not power hungry, and she would never think of betraying the king. But this is sort of the inciting moment, the turning point. Now she has access to something powerful, and she discovers a way in which she can control it. She gives in to the dark side a little bit, and steals the water.

Sandra being in the picture also makes for an interesting dynamic. Remember that this is an inaccuracy. Even though it’s not set in stone, I had thought that Sandra wouldn’t marry the fairy king until after the Artist is exiled. But looking at it in a thematic sense… it’s kind of sad, because Sandra has trust issues. She would never have let a human outsider in to see the Pool of Sight, she wouldn’t have trusted the artist the same way Tison did. In a way she would have been right, since the Artist does abuse that trust that was shown her. But Sandra isn’t always right. She’s reluctant to trust anybody, including those who would not abuse that trust, like Tison– who genuinely cares for her.

It’s cool that others see serenity when I see tension. I would really like to think that I get a range of different reactions to my artwork.


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