New Image: Torrent

I’m finally done with the thing. I finished it, and then I wasn’t happy with it, but now it’s just a thing in the past and nothing to get excited about. Art is interesting that way.



I tried to make her look angry. My sister said she looked more frightened than angry, but I got a comment from somebody else that says she looks angry. HAH! But then I guess it really doesn’t matter. Frightened or angry, the point is that there is turbulence. I think I succeeded on that point. The picture is a bit chaotic. It fits, my emotions were going a little bit wonky during the making of the image. I had the hardest time convincing myself to work on it, and motivation is usually my strong point. But it’s done now. And now that I’ve gotten some sleep I’ve decided it doesn’t look horrible after all.


I’m moving right along to the next image. I’ve already got some concept sketches that I can work on, something I drew before I worked on Torrent. But it’s not very exciting, and I wonder if I could do more for it. Torrent was meant to play to my strengths, like color blending. But this image is rather looking to be a challenge, but if I do it right it’ll look great and it will be fun to do.



Okay, some time has past and I’ve decided that I do actually kind of like Torrent.  Certainly it creates a bigger impact than a lot of my other images this year. I’ve also done some work on my latest image, which I’m entitling “Masquerade.” I’m actually pretty excited about it. If only I manage to do it right! It’ll be fun to do, and have lots of easter eggs for me. It’s too lovely. It looks like all that brainstorming I did last night while I couldn’t sleep because we had relatives over so people stayed up later than usual was worth it. The concept sketch needs a little more work, but first I have to take a break and clear my head (it’s been a while since I’ve gotten this eager about my artwork, and I’m worried about what the side effects will be). I intend to deliberately distract myself so that it’ll be easier to engage in the free-thinking frame of mind that got me to where I am with this image now.

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