New Image: Masquerade

The amazing thing is that I actually like this one. In fact, I like it so much I don’t want to look at it too long, for fear I’ll find something about it that I don’t like, thereby ruining the effect.



I’ve already sort of explained most of the story behind this image in my post “Behind the Mask.” The idea was that each of the costumes/masks are significant in some way either to the character or to me. That’s why it was so fun to conceptualize, it was a creative challenge. Now it’s fun to think about other characters I have and wonder how they would dress for a Masquerade Ball. I tried to create a Cinderella based story that takes place on Masquerade Day and decided that my title character, a fairy godfather named Bastian, would have a gargoyle mask for the occasion. This is partly because he hopes the stoney face will keep people from chatting with him, but also because he’s standing guard on this occasion.

I also imagined that his lady-friend back in the fey realm would dress as a flower girl. The idea was that she would have a basket of flowers, and if you lifted your mask to her and showed her your real face, she would give you a flower based on what she thinks of you. So, if you reveal yourself to her and it turns out that your her friend, she would probably give you a yellow or pink rose, to signify friendship. She carries other flowers like rue for those she disdains, pink carnations for those to whom she is grateful, purple hyacinth for those she feels she has wronged, and a red rose in case the one she loves should reveal himself to her. It’s fun, because the main theme of the holiday is identity, yet instead of picking a costume/mask that speaks something about her own identity, her costume was meant to entice other people to reveal their true identity. People often like to know what other people think of them.

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