Impending Future

I signed up for classes for next semester. I guess it didn’t hit me until then how close I was to being done. Quite frankly, the thought scared me. I’ve got to do a bit of research, see if I need to panic about finances… And then go on with life as usual. I still need to focus on this semester, particularly if I am in need of academic scholarships and stuff.


I did want you guys to know, however, that I have been working hard and I’ve been thinking about various creative projects around the edges. When I get time, I’m going to make a fantastic engagement gift for my best friends. It might be a while before I can work on that though. The next month or so is going to be pretty busy.

2 thoughts on “Impending Future

  1. You have managed to eleolqntuy put into words what I have tried to explain to family & friends these past few months, as I started drawing again after a decade of barely a scribble. They thought I was a bit mad to solicit lists of words & idioms ~ all of which I dutifully noted down in a sketchbook. I have then proceeded on almost a daily basis to take that book to a cafe with the following sell-made rules:1) Sit down with coffee & croissant2) Eat croissant while reading over the list ~ that word/idiom which forms an idea is the subject for a sketch3) Compose, draw and FINISH sketch while I drink my beverage.4) Post drawing to an online forum giving a nod to the individual who gave me the word/idiom to inspire the sketch.Creativity = Constraints + AccountabilityThis homemaker has never lacked for ideas, only the commitment to follow through on them. I don’t need the lists, but the expectations of family and friends drives me to amuse them with my interpretations of their suggestions all the while thinking fast, practicing and hopefully improving.

  2. Thank you for commenting! Sometimes I like drawing based off of the things I hear, like part of a song or a word or phrase.
    It must be great having that sort of interactive experience when you got to draw upon (no pun intended) the suggestions of others.

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