Coming up with the topic used to be one of the hardest parts of writing an essay. I think somehow things have changed over the years. This is particularly the case with opinion essays. I find that I have quite a few opinions, and some of them are quite strong. Our professor recommended “pet peeves” as a source to look to when searching for a topic on an opinion essay. I thought about people who text during class, people who pirate videos and music, and people who move your laundry and leave it on the dryers without your permission. I settled on talking about the sort of people and attitudes that would use the phrase “I wish I could draw as good as you.”

No, you don’t.

One day I might, perhaps, post the full essay, but for now, there are other things I wanted to talk about.


I volunteered for a church service project yesterday. We had a low turnout, which was disappointing. Our leaders had to leave early (they received a phone call, it might have been some sort of emergency), as did the person who gave us a ride over to the place. The rest of the people who came had rides back, but there wasn’t room for my sister and I, so we had to catch a ride with someone from a different group. Moreover, I spent a lot of the time working by myself, watching some people idle, and hearing a lot of people say things like “we’re done” when there was still a lot of work that could have been accomplished.

I was a bit cranky, and started to think somewhat less highly of people in general. This is one of my many weaknesses, it doesn’t take much to get me annoyed with people. It was hard to stay that way though when I got home and my roommate’s fiancé gave me a hug and the two of them tried to convince me to take a nap. They’re so wonderful to me. The world should thank them, because I think better of the world because of them.


I have a certain difficulty. I work hard all week, but as soon as the weekend nights come, I have no self-restraint left to keep me from staying up late watching movies. I lose sleep, and sleep is so very important. Perhaps if I had gotten more sleep Friday night, I wouldn’t have been as cranky last night.


Ah yes, I watched The Importance of Being Earnest, performed by BYU-I. Algernon was a bit of an acquired taste, he was somewhat over the top. I couldn’t help but think, as I watched, how I would have done it differently, but over all it was a good show.


I’m surviving school reasonably well. It was a bit difficult during the middle, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed, but I started to gain confidence near the end of it. I hope to continue to do well, and to help others do well as I do my work as a Coordinator for the Gateway Seminars. We’ll see.

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