As you know, I like to take some time near the end of each semester to reflect.


First of all, I became a gateway seminar coordinator. I am assured that I have done an excellent job and that my contributions have been valuable. However, though I was qualified, I was not chosen to be a director for the Inspired Learning and Teaching Gateway Seminar. I’m grateful to have been able to serve in the capacities that I did, and for what I learned from the experience.


I had hoped to find a job so that I could stay here for fall semester (BYU-I has a two-track system, look it up for clarification), but perhaps I was too confident in my ability to get into the few positions I applied to. If I were wise, I would have applied to much more. But I don’t like the idea of getting a job just for the sake of having a job. I want to work somewhere where I could really contribute something, somewhere where my unique skills and talents would be valued. Anyway, I don’t see how I can stay here for the fall and I have no idea what I would do if I went home again. I’m trying not to let it bother me.


Instead, I want to focus on my achievements. For one thing, I made a pretty neat engagement gift for my roommate. I’ve been working on some video projects. I’ve done a number of writing assignments for my various classes, some of which I even like. I’ve served as a Relief Society instructor and gateway seminar coordinator. I’ll be finishing up an 18-20 page paper for one of my classes before Wednesday. My grades have been pretty good. Also, I made pancakes a couple of times this semester. That makes me happy. I missed having pancakes.


Well… that’s it, really. Everything else is sort of… unsure. While I’m on vacation, I intend to write, and maybe work on some art projects. I can finish up those video projects. Maybe I can even compile them in some way, and make them into a gift. I could do another book, like what I made for my roommate’s engagement. I don’t know what organizing subject I would work with though. If any of my writing turns out decent, I could make it into an audiobook and probably give it to one of my siblings as a gift. There’s still the youtube channel idea, but I’m not sure I want to consider the idea before I’m certain my work is of good enough quality, and my Creative Writing class has taught me to have reservations on that matter.

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