The end is near

Well, it’s almost the end of the semester. I still have some assignments here or there, nothing I’m intensely concerned about. I hope to spend some quality time with my roommates in our last one and a half weeks together.


We’re planning on having a Sharable– that is, a little party where we get together and share excerpts from what we’ve written over the semester. I did this last year, and I enjoy the tradition. I plan on converting the “Sharable” concept into audio form and make a sort of podcast where I get to share my experiences with writing and some of my creative works-in-porgress.


That’s going to be one of my summer projects. Along with some video projects, writing projects, maybe even some art projects. I did a concept sketch yesterday that I kind of liked. I’ve recently came to a decision about my artwork– if I want to keep on doing it, I’ve got to create images that I will enjoy coloring. That generally means focussing on the people, and not creating backgrounds with a lot of empty space. Skies, for instance. Skies, unless done right, usually bore me to death. Trees too might get tedious. That’s the trick then, whatever I draw, it must not be tedious to color, or I’m going to lose interest in artwork and abandon it in favor of other projects. I don’t want that to happen if I an avoid it. I like this concept that I have. When I have time and space, I’ll be able to work on it.


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