Entitled: Shifter


It’s been a while since I’ve down an abstract image.


This is based off a concept for a story I can’t seem to realize. Her name is Artica. She’s an ice titan. One day, she hunted a wolf on her sister’s territory. Said sister called it poaching, and punished her by sealing her into the wolf’s skin (think selkie coat), transforming her into a wolf for the night. The enchantment is fueled by moonlight, so the spell dissolves with the coming of day. Then Artica can work her way out of the wolfskin, then carry it around in case she ever wants to transform into a wolf again.

The trees are reminiscent of a kind I saw during my road trips in the west; my cousin tells me they are lodge-pole pines. I always thought they made an interesting image.


This is really the sort of thing that can only be accomplished with a loose concept and a lot of improvisation. Art takes risks. If it looks beautiful but chaotic… I guess that’s only fitting.


It is possible I’ll squeeze one more image out of myself before I go into another semester of school. It’s been lovely to work on something I can actually finish, unlike, for instance, my writing projects.

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