From the attic

My family doesn’t actually have an attic. But I was looking through some of the stuff I left packed away in my old room. I discovered an artwork I’d done… three or four (possibly five) years ago, but never shared. I think I didn’t like it. Which is silly. It isn’t that bad.


Bedtime Stories



They’re supposed to look wrapped in a sunset. Mother and daughter, reading.

Both my parents read to me. Dad read bedtime stories, picture books– usually Dr. Seuss or Graeme Base. Mom read Howl’s Moving Castle to us– two chapters a day after school. My sisters and I have read to each other. Just yesterday, Lori and I traded off reading It’s a Mall World After All by Janette Rallison. We’ve listened to audiobooks together, and I’ve even made a few audiobooks and a podcast myself. There is value in reading aloud and sharing stories.

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