2014 Review

As I  doubt anything significant will happen between now and the end of the year, I think this is a good time to review 2014.


It’s been a reasonably significant year.

During school: I was involved in volunteer work– first a facilitator and then a coordinator in the Inspired Learning and Teaching Gateway Seminar. I took a Creative Writing class, which has helped shape my work. I also took a Senior Seminar and know what writing an eighteen-page paper is like. I also served in a church calling: Relief Society instructor, a responsibility I enjoyed. I spent time with friends and worked hard at school.

Summer: I did a some more volunteer work, seed collecting and weeding in Waterton Park. I spent time with extended family, had an adventure during a canoe trip, watched some performances at the Cardston Summer Theatre, went to the Ogden Temple Open House, and to the Open House for my two dear friends.

The rest of the year: I did some work for a ward member along with my brother. I’ve completed five colored art projects, one podcast, and one audiobook. I started five different novels, but  finished none. I completed rough drafts for six short stories (all of them inspired by or based on folktales and other literature to varying degrees), but all will require extensive work before they are done and polished.


All and all, a pretty good year. I wish I could have done more– or finished more, rather– but can’t complain when I stand back and look at everything.


I have no idea what the coming year will bring, but that’s a different post.


2014 Compilation

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