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I like expressing myself in a private journal. Unfortunately, if I happened to create a good turn of phrase, I’m the only one who gets to enjoy it. These are some quotes I wanted to keep from my 2014 journal.


– I like to think that God appreciates a little witty commentary.

– Fate owes me chocolate.

– I confess the term ‘misanthrope’ came to mind.

– Stupid leaky tear ducts.

– I think becoming an artist of any kind requires some part of you to die.

– I don’t want to question the universe, but I would suggest there are a lot of missed opportunities for a good laugh by going about it this way.

– It would be nice if the muses took day shifts and left me alone at night.

– Life as a funny way of bending dreams, you know?

– I cried myself out of saltwater last year.

– Creativity: I go to a world that doesn’t exist and remember things that never happened. Then I come back and try to craft something of value.

– Clearly, I don’t know how to coddle an opportunity.

– Then I’ll be able to peak people’s interest before saying, “Well, there’s my diploma. So long guys! Venture out of your student housing sometime and find me if you want to see more!”

– I’m not envious. I’m just experiencing a friendly sibling rivalry with God’s other children, because he’s calling them to work and telling me to sit and wait.

– Talent with shaking hands and weak limbs.

– It’s a sad memory. And yet… not one to be sad about.

– I’m content to be a daisy among roses.

– I define a cynic as a dream who got cracked when reality hit her too hard.

– You would have thought I was watching Pride and Prejudice for how mushy I felt.

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