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I like giving some time, thought, and appreciation to some of the creators and creations that I really admire or enjoy: Calvin and Hobbes, The Piano Guys, Graeme Base, Sherlock, Terry Prattchet, Lindsey Stirling, and so on. I’ve come across another creator I at least admire: Neil Gaiman.


Now, it must be said, the stuff he enjoys creating is not what I enjoy intaking. Much of what he does is dark, and I’m not partial to dark or horror stuff. That said, I like the movie Coraline (I can’t imagine why, it’s not in my usual vein) and the movie Stardust (but I had to warm up to it; it was a little much in solitude, but I enjoyed it in company). I warmed up to Mirrormask too.


I’m not sure, however, that it is because of his works that I admire him. Maybe it’s because he’s genuine in what he does. There’s something very him about his work, and that’s why he’s able to produce work that stands out. He must have spent a long time developing that mind and what goes on in it. Perhaps I admire him because he’s been able to live his dream and he’s dedicated to creating good art. That takes courage and handwork. I’ve gotten the impression (albeit from other sources) that he is a humble man too, despite all his success. “Impostor syndrome,” was it?


I like to think of other creators, partly because I feel they must empathize with some of the difficulties I face as a creator. They know how scary it is, how much work it is. They know what it’s like to have their work rejected and critiqued and ridiculed. Poor darlings. I believe that is why they can be so encouraging, instead of putting themselves up above everyone else because of their honors and awards and suchlike. It’s nice to think that somebody believes.


It’d be cool if some qualified individual believed in me, because sometimes believing in myself takes effort and I’m tired.

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