Still going

So maybe I should make an effort to keep this up to date. Things are happening in my life after all.


The most recent development is that I heard from the graphic designer who was assigned my story to prep it for publication in Outlet. She asked if we could meet up to talk about my writing and what inspires me and such so she can create a better design for my story.

The prospect of talking about my writing is kind of exciting. I think I like talking about the creation of the story better than the story itself. I’m still waiting to hear back from her, but it could be cool.

I’m thinking… maybe I should give more credit to myself for the things I do and accomplish.


I framed and matted a print of “Finding Place” for my friends. It looks much nicer in a frame.


I wonder if there’s any potential for… earning something from my creative efforts. I don’t have a business bend. Perhaps I could develop one if I had enough confidence in my talents. I think other people believe in me more than I do, and I can’t figure out which of us is more biased.


Life is weird.

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