Almost done!

I am one story away from printing a collection of stories that I wrote called Dreams of Glass. I’m really excited. The advantage of working at a print shop is that I can bind it myself and add some fun things in there like have some pages printed on parchment or fiber paper.


I’ve been planning on creating a book like this for months, since last may after I went to a Power of Choice seminar. It’s nice to finally feel like I’m almost ready.


I’m imagining a sort of Darwinian approach to my writing. I’ll keep putting out collections of stories every once in a while. The good stories will survive to the next edition, some will need evolve to make it to the next edition, some will die, and new ones will be born. The idea is that after several editions, I will have a core collection of good and refined stories. By that time, they may also have accumulated some illustrations.  In the meanwhile, I can find out what people respond to.



A few days ago, I was invited by a friend to submit my artwork to an online magazine that she was writing for (created by her English Major friends) called Blithe and Bonnie. So I did. I’m thinking about having a look at their first issue when it comes out in three days.


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