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Remember how I was talking about how I was listening to a book on C.D while I was coloring? Well, I finished it and now it’s harder to get myself to color. But it’s coming along.

What I have going is a sort of Castle in the clouds kind of deal. The castle is a mere silhouette in the distance, but it is surrounded by sunset clouds and mini-waterfalls everywhere. I think the waterfalls within the clouds came partly from Fantasia or Fantasia 2000, I can’t recall which peice, and partly from something I remember seeing in a Winne the Pooh episode. It’s like the idea itself is a very old one in my mind, but this is the first tme I’ve brought it forth. Except, like so many things in my work, I have simplified it. It still creates a visual impact, and not an unpleasing one at that. But I’m not sure people will understand it for what it is. Then again, do they ever?

My High School Art teacher would say everybody ‘brings their own baggage’ when they look at an artwork, so they may see it differently. I’d like to find out what they think of instead of just saying that they like it or that I’m a good artist. It’s happened a few times. Family members seem to understand that concept, not just my immediate family, but I have a cousin Tima who would always talk about what the image made her think of. Then occassionally there will be a Facebook comment that says it made them think of a field of butterflies or transforming into wind. I like those comments. It is unfair that just the artist should ‘get something’ out of the work.

For instance, with this cloud castle that I’m drawing; One of the things I love best about clouds is the way they play with color- how they make sunsets so powerful (I’ve got a thing for sunsets). So I’m trying to use those colors to create a dreamlike environment, one that’s very soft and beautiful. The little waterfalls add very nicely to the color, but there’s a bit more to them. I love little waterfalls, whenever I was in Rexburg and needed to be alone, I would go to the gardens where the little waterfalls were. They were peacefull and soothing. And what with the castle and the princess-like character, It’s supposed to be a sort of fairy-tale fantasy environment. Someplace where you would want to be.

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