Watercolors- the history

My parents gave me opaque watercolors yesterday for my birthday, so I can branch out to more than just colored pencils. What do you think guys? Would you like to see some watercolor works? I’ve done a little bit of work with watercolors. In high school, watercolors were my worst nightmare (right after pastels and chalk and… well, actually a lot of things). Then in University when I took a class, what would it cover but shading, perspective, chalk, and watercolor. Nightmares I tell you. But as it turned out, I had something of a better time with the watercolors and I created this wolf.

I was fairly well pleased with it. I hadn’t done anything that accomplished with watercolor. Then when I got home, I tried to recreate the image on my wolf T-shirt. But it was difficult, particularly with the dark wolf, and I decided that fur textures were hard to do with watercolor. So the incomplete image was shoved onto the backburner for months. Then I took it out and wondered what would happen if I finished it up with colored pencils. Detail was easier to accomplish with colored pencil, and it would be opaque. This was the result. Or at least, kind of what the result was- I’ve experimented with some editing on this image.

With that image, I considered the watercolor- colored pencil experiement a sucess. The watercolor was nice, because I could do bigger images. Paint covers more ground quicker than colored pencil. So this last year I created this image- one of the few bits of artwork I was able to do during the school year. I had a craving to do a fox. Sometimes artists experience strange cravings. It turns out that it was a good thing I did it, because one day Dad called me and asked for some artwork that we could have made into a T-shirt for my brother Ben (who is in California, serving a mission). Not a lot of my other images are particularly masculine, but I thought this could work.


Yes, my brother has a smile that looks more like a grimice. I shouldn’t be surprised if he scares people. But he’s really a nice guy.


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