New image: Castle in the Clouds

I was SO close to finishing last night, I only had the sleeves and some hair touch-ups left. But I decided to wait until this morning to finish, and now I have. So here it is!



Little bit of trivia, her dress was originally going to be pink. I had meant for the whole image to be a vision of pink, with purple, gold, and blue. See, part of what inspired this image was the thought that last year, when I had a craving for a ‘pink’ image, I did something really quick that I look at now and think is a little sloppy.

A Pleasent Walk

But I started in on this one and I thought, “Maybe I should do the background before deciding what to color her dress.” This is a bit unusual, since I usually color the subject first. And I did a little bit with her, I did the skin, a base layer of hair, and the pink in her dress. Then I did everything else and decided blue would work better.

My little sister Lissa had two comments: “It’s pink and golden and reminds me of a sunset!” My reponse: “Good, it’s supposed to.”

Her second comment was “Are those waterfalls or pillars?” They were meant to be waterfalls, but I had already noticed they could look like pillars. Oh well.

Note how the eyes are drawn to the castle by use of complimentary colors (yellow and purple).

What really makes me happy is that I was able to do this four days from my last image, because I already had the idea in mind as I was coloring the last one. I don’t quite have another image in mind right now, though there is a concept I’ve been playing with. I will have to do a few doodles before I get anything definative. Though I have to admit, I’m a bit distracted by the visiters we have over right now.

One thought on “New image: Castle in the Clouds

  1. I really like this one, but I say it’s in dawn colors. Because dawn signifies hope and a new start, and a castle in the sky signifies a hope or a dream, so clearly it’s a dawn castle.

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