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Well, I didn’t have much planned for yesterday except giving feedback to my friend’s story. But then I got one of those… drives? cravings? Anyway, the fact is that I had been staring at the computer for a while and felt I should stop. Then I some reason I felt I wanted to do a bit of movie making. For those of you who didn’t read the earlier post, Lori and I like to make little moives. It all started on Thanksgiving break 2009 when we were bored. I suggested we make a movie. I don’t think Lori gave it a second of thought before she agreed to it. So pretty soon we were making a movie. We’ve been doing about a movie a year since then. Usually we’ll just try to put together some quick skits or musical numbers, but it became really hard to come up with things that were entertaining and that we could do with our limited resources. This year we’re going at it from a different angle- it’s going to be more of a documentary. We’ve found it’s easier to be funny that way.

A couple of weeks ago we filmed a bunch of things, and yesterday I got them all on my computer and started putting things together. What amazes me is that we can film a whole bunch, and I’ll only let a few things get on to the actual movie. The problem I’ve discovered is most of our stuff is Lori and me. I mean, it makes sense. We are the founders of the Chocolote Facotry productions after all, and the ones running around with the cameras. Still, we’re going to have to do something to fix that.

So that’s how I spent my afternoon. I don’t think I would consider it a waste of time. When I’m older and have kids, it might be fun to put together these kinds of videos.



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