Colors of the wind

Well yesterday I was looking at the images I had in the ‘scrap’ pile, the projects I can’t convince myself to get rid of, even though I don’t think I’ll be finishing them. And I thought ‘Well this is pleasent, I can’t seem to finish my projects.’ Then all at once I remembered a trick I have up my sleeve, a certain character who I like to depict, and who would not easily fail. Her name is Wisp. Think of her as a wind sprite. But the reason why she makes such a good subject for art is because most of the visual impact is created by blending colors, and that’s easy enough to do. It doesn’t mean that the image is going to be a masterpeice, but there’s a pretty good chance it will be a half decent picture. This is the image of Wisp that I did last year:



This image is going to be different, because I decided I wanted to go for an autumn picture. I’m a succer for autumn pictures, because Fall is my favorite season. And it looks good visually, with all of the bright and warm colors like gold and red. And those will be the color scheme used on Wisp- she’ll be an Autumn Wind.

Embracing the Fall

But then I started coloring and realized that autumn winds are cool, but I was giving Wisp the warm colors of autumn leaves. Oh well. In my mind, Wisp is still depicting the essence of Fall, the sunset of the year.


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