New Image: Autumn Wind


This was just a quick one I managed to complete in, what? Two, three days? As I said, this sort of concept is easy for me to work with- although I don’t think the leaves accomplished quite what I wanted them to. I just really liked the idea of the wind getting leaves caught in her hair as she blew through the trees. She’s a wild one. But hopefully she looks like she maintains a certain amount of dignity.  I like the strong colors in this image, I think it makes a nice visual impact. It’s also a bit nice after the softer images I’ve done.

Oh I love autumn. I love wind. And a bunch of other things, but those would be irrelevant to this post.

Anyway, this is what I was busy with this morning. Along with fullfilling my dad’s request that I make puffy molassas cookies, my grandpa’s recipe. I love them. They’re more like little cakes than cookies. Hopefully they turned out okay. But even if they didn’t, at least the kitchen smells like cookies, with just a hint of that molassas smell. Dad used to make cookies and cakes from scratch with us when we were kids, and he’d hand the spices to us and say ‘Smell this, that’s cloves,’ and that sort of thing. They were good times.

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