Follow-up on my latest image

Well, it seems the cookies turned out alright after all!

Autumn Wind Oh yeah, so did my last image.

However, in an interesting turn of events, I recieved no comments on it on Facebook. This is okay, because people don’t usually have much to say (except my last image, where one of my friends from University actually showed interest and made a comment worth reading). But of course that doesn’t stop me from feeling a little indignant. I happen to like the image, and I think it deserves a fair chance at having a comment as well. So I’m going to stand up for the little thing, and comment on it myself.

I like it much better than my last year’s depiction of Wisp. It’s much more smooth and flowing. And I love the colors! (Although I have to admit, I still think purple, as a cooler color, is more appropriate for the wind). There’s a delicious contrast between her skin and the reds, and the golds and the brown. There are still a few things about this oen that I’m not completely satisfied with, but the fact is that I’m rarely ever completely satisfied. As it is, the image was well worth the time and it is lovely.

Well, now that that’s taken care of, I suppose I should move on to the next image. Including this latest one, I’ve done five calander images since I got back a bit over a month ago. Last year I did about eighteen images. The idea was to have a lot, so that there would be a few options for the calandars. So naturally, it was only after I got my calander that I created my favorite image of all my 2011 images:Lost in a Dream

Still, it would be great if I could find other options besides calanders. I mentioned prints before, but I haven’t gotten a response since I posted the pricing information. I’m not surprised. Seems like an inefficient way to go about it anyway. I mean, all that for one image? No, better find a way to get multiple images at once- like the calanders or a book or something, and probably spend less money in the process.


One thought on “Follow-up on my latest image

  1. Just a follow-up of my follow up: I looked at Zazzle to see what other products I could make with my art. There weren’t a whole lot of other things that stuck out to me as things I wanted to do. Puzzles, pillows, prints, notebooks, but the calendar remains the best way to get more for less.
    I feel like Autumn Wind has been jipped. I, for one, always end up with my eyes lingering on it. Well hey, I may as well enjoy it while I can. I might not like to look at it as much in another year or so. That’s one thing I love about me and art- I’m always improving. Haven’t really ‘plateaued,’ and the stuff I do this year is still better than last year.

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