Coming together

Well, the image is starting to come together now. At last. I think that it’ll be done today or tomorrow. Then I can move on at last. It’s also significant because with the completion of this image, I’ll have created twleve new images this year, enough for a calendar of completely new images. So all the stuff I do after this one can replace the ones I didn’t like as much. For instance, While ‘I call him Fred’ is a good enough image, it’s mostly there for Lori, who actually understands it’s origins. And ‘Akinra’s Dream World’…. doesn’t fit stylistically with the rest of it very well. So… one or two more images, and I could create a really cool calendar.

Driving Lori to school, we saw lightning! But with no thunder, and no rain. It was perfectly lovely. And once we could see the bolt ahead of us, instead of lingering at the corners of my vision. It was quite lovely, and made me very happy this morning.  Nature is so pretty 🙂

Here’s another pic from the walk we took on Sunday.


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