New Image: Beyond the Wall


Thank goodness that’s done. The mist was such a pain. And I still don’t like how the lower third of the picture looks, but I was having enough of the image so I decided to stick with how it looks now. And it doesn’t look too bad I suppose, but I’m not exactly happy with it. I am happy that I am done though. I hope I can now move on to a new image, a better one. I have twelve images done, so these next ones can replace ones that I feel are lesser. And that is a nice thought in itself. Yes- move on, proceed ahead, continue, that’s the ticket. If nothing else, I’m going to console myself in the fact that there was a story in that image, before all the coloring got in the way. I’ve little more to say about the image itself than what I have already said.

My goal is to keep pushing myself to draw and color. That last image could have taken much longer if I didn’t push myself so much. And I really wouldn’t want it to go on for longer than it did.



I’m starting to get a new idea for an image. I’ll have to doodle it out a bit, but if I can get it right… it should look pretty great. That’s always the thing, isn’t it? If I do it right it could look great.

But this is no time to be discouraged! I got the idea as I was looking outside. The tree in our front yard has more of it’s leaves on the ground than on itself. I’m thinking… some kind of ‘in the trees’ view of autumn (yes, another autumn picture. I like those). She won’t be on the ground (I’m going to do another featured female. Featured males are too much trouble), but rather she’ll be on one level of leaves, but there will still be other leaves above her. So she can enojoy jumping in the leaves, and  reaching out to the still falling leaves. It’s hard to explain. Especially since I don’t even have a doodle of the place. It’s only an idea in my head now, but I wanted to come back here and give the news. One has to have a positive note in one’s posts somewhere.

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